The Benefits Of Choosing The Inman Aligner

If you’re an orthodontic patient looking for stunning results in a matter of weeks, the Inman Aligner could be the perfect choice. This innovative removable appliance targets minor issues that affect the alignment of the teeth, providing a rapid solution, which also offers greater discretion than traditional fixed braces. The Inman Aligner is made from two key components; a fine metal bar, which runs along the front of the teeth and a coiled spring, which lies behind the front teeth. Although the device is not as discreet as other aligner treatments, such as Invisalign, the only part that is visible is the fine metal bar and treatment times are a lot shorter than Invisalign. We often recommend the Inman Aligner for patients who only need a small amount of correction for issues that affect the front teeth and for those who have started to notice relapse following previous treatment. If you choose the Inman Aligner, you can expect a raft of benefits. The most obvious benefit is the speed of treatment, with most cases complete within just 4 months. The aligner is also discreet and it uses the latest technology to minimise discomfort and reduce pain. Another major advantage of the Inman Aligner is its convenience, as you can take it out very quickly and easily; this means that you can eat and drink without any problems and you can brush your teeth in the normal way, which makes life much easier and reduces the risk of decay, staining, bad breath and gum disease. Once you begin treatment, it is common to experience mild pain and your speech may be affected slightly, but you will soon get used to wearing the brace and after a couple of days, it will become second nature and you won’t even notice that you’ve got your aligner in. If you would like to find out more about the incredible Inman Aligner, simply give us a call and book a consultation.