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We Offer CEREC 3D Technology For Same Day Tooth Restorations

Modern dentistry is advancing and evolving all the time and we are always eager to learn about new treatments and invest in innovative technology, in order to ensure our clients can enjoy the best possible results. We are very proud to offer Cerec same-day restorative treatment, which enables us to provide high quality treatment, on-site, in a single day. Cerec technology vastly reduces treatment times for patients who need restorative work, such as a new crown. With this amazing technology we can design, make and fit new restorations in just one session, rather than it taking 2-3 weeks. Cerec technology uses state of the art software to convert camera images into 3D models, which are sent to the on-site milling machine, then this machine fabricates the new restoration in a matter of minutes. We can then fit the new restoration and treatment is complete in a fraction of the time of traditional techniques. We can use Cerec to create same-day bespoke veneers, crowns, inlays and onlays and it offers us, as well as our clients, a host of benefits. Treatment times are reduced dramatically, everything can be done at the clinic and there is no need for temporary restorations. Patients can also enjoy a cleaner, more accurate and less intrusive treatment process and they can start enjoying the benefits of treatment much sooner. With Cerec, we don’t need to use putty to create impressions and this increases accuracy, as well as preventing patients from feeling uncomfortable, as this process can be a little unpleasant, especially for patients who suffer with a sensitive gag reflex. If you need restorative treatment in a hurry, or you’re interested in finding out about the latest dental technology, don’t hesitate to get in touch, as our friendly dentists will be happy to help!

The Benefits Of Having A Crown

When your teeth are weak and prey to breaking or cracking there are restorative treatments available to stop the problems getting any worse. If you have a tooth which is weakened, and prone to breaking or infection it may be worth having a dental crown. Your dentist will tell you if they believe a crown would benefit you and explain the process to you.A crown is a restorative treatment for damaged or weak back teeth. It is normally made from porcelain and are like caps fitted over the entire tooth to protect it and shield it from further damage. Crown are also used when having a dental bridge. The crowns are attached either side of the false tooth. They are them attached to the healthy teeth either side of the missing teeth to hold it in place. Crown treatment can stop further complications occurring. If you tooth is damaged and weak it can get infected, large parts could break off and you could end up needing an extraction. A crown will give your weak tooth the ability to function like a strong durable normal molar, leaving your bite intact. This means that you will be able to eat whatever hard foods you choose again, without worrying about how it will affect your tooth. As crowns are made from porcelain we can make sure that it blends in with the colour of the rest of your teeth. During the process we would prepare the tooth ready for the crown, fit the crown in place and shape it ready for everyday wear and tear. If you would like to know more about crown treatment, get in touch with Advance Dental Clinic today. We can book you in for a crown consultation and you can find out if this is the best treatment for you and your teeth.

We Offer Innovative Tooth Restoration In Just One Visit

If you have a damaged tooth and worry about how long it will take to restore your smile, worry no longer! We can make your smile look like new in just one treatment with our innovative CEREC 3D technology. We use the 3D images in order to recreate your new tooth, using optical impressions provided by CEREC technology. You can watch us design your restoration onscreen and we make the restoration look as natural as possible and to blend in with the rest of your teeth.  We use a strong ceramic substance to build your tooth back to full use which is tooth coloured. When taking 3D images of your tooth we first add a powder, which reflects on the surface of the tooth, this is after removing any damaged parts of the tooth. Using our innovative camera we then take a picture of your damaged tooth before designing your new tooth in colour on a screen you can see. Using CEREC technology allows us to design a very precise restoration, which you can see before the reconstruction, is even done. In just one visit you can be rest assured that you will leave us with a durable, strong, natural looking tooth restoration and you can eat and drink as normal afterwards. We use a fast diamond bur and a disk in order to finely cut the ceramic material and use a highly effective bonding substance to add this to your tooth. Our methods are safe, effective and extremely durable. We ensure the tooth looks aesthetically pleasing whilst being as strong as possible in order to make it highly functioning tooth that can chew, and bite effectively whilst blending in with your natural teeth. If you would like more information about our CEREC technology get in touch with the team today and arrange a CEREC consultation.

We Can Repair Your Damaged Tooth In Just One Treatment With Cerec Technology For Patients Near Harlow

You may assume that if you’ve got a damaged tooth, it will take some time to patch it up, but thanks to amazing Cerec technology, we are able to offer same-day restorative treatment. If you’ve broken a tooth or you’ve been involved in an accident or you’ve been injured playing sport, we can provide an instant remedy. Cerec technology is really innovative and impressive and it allows us to complete the entire restorative treatment process on-site at the clinic. This involves designing, creating and fitting the new restoration and we can do all this in a single treatment session. Cerec uses state of the art software to convert camera images into detailed models, which are sent to the milling machine, the on-site manufacturing plant; seconds later, the custom-made restoration is ready to be fitted. Usually, we use dental putty to create impressions of the teeth, which are sent away to a dental laboratory and then the new crown or inlay is sent back to us two weeks later; however, with Cerec, we can do everything on-site in a single day. Cerec not only gives us more control of the process and eliminates the need for temporary restorations, it also saves time in the dental chair, reduces the number of injections required and creates a much cleaner treatment process. Many patients dislike having putty in their mouth and with Cerec this is not necessary, as the technology uses images, rather than putty moulds to design the new restoration. With fewer appointments, treatment is also more convenient, as we recognise that patients have busy schedules and it can be difficult to find time to have appointments in close proximity. With Cerec, we can create bespoke crowns, veneers, inlays and onlays for all your restorative needs. If you’re in need of some dental TLC, call and book your Cerec appointment now!



The Ins And Outs Of Cerec One Day Tooth Restoration Technology Near Brentford

Cerec is one of the most advanced forms of technology available to dentists today and we are delighted to be able to offer our patients same-day tooth restoration treatment thanks to this amazing invention. Cerec technology takes care of the entire process of creating a new restoration and it allows us to develop new restorations on-site, rather than sending impressions away to a dental lab and relying on temporary restorations. With Cerec, we can make new veneers, onlays and inlays and crowns at the surgery and fit them in a single treatment session. Cerec allows us to design new restorations using images o the teeth taken by a camera; these images are sent to the on-site milling machine, where the magic happens and the custom-made restoration appears seconds later. Once the restoration is ready, we can fit it and you can enjoy your new and improved tooth. Cerec offers our dentists and our patients an array of benefits. The treatment duration is greatly reduced and patients don’t have to worry about booking multiple appointments; we can also fit the permanent restoration straightaway so we don’t need to waste time with temporary restorations. We also use cameras to capture images of the teeth to create the design for the new restoration, rather than moulding dental putty, which can be messy and a little uncomfortable for patients, especially those with a sensitive gag reflex. Cerec also affords a more accurate and streamline process and dentists have more control over the finished product. If you’d like to find out more about Cerec, our commitment to new technology or restorative treatment at Advance Dental Care, call us now and book an appointment.



Tooth Restoration In Just One Day Near Brentford

How would you feel if we offered you a completely new smile you could walk away with today? The 1st of April passed months ago, so this is no April Fools, rather the very best in dental restorative technology and same day smile transformations! Cerec is an in-house laboratory and prosthetic production unit, able to create personalised bridges, crowns and veneers on the very same day as your visit. We simply use the Cerec technology to create the perfect impression of your teeth and mouth using a 3D scanner. Once your mouth has been scanned the impression can be used to create whatever restorative you need; perfectly matched to your teeth and smile. This process means no need for repeat visits, messy moulds or further injections and also allows us to get your smile perfect first time, rather than having to send it back to an offsite lab if any changes are needed. Colour matching and size alteration can also be performed right here in the practice on the very same day you visit, meaning a greater level of input and control for you. Only when you are entirely happy with the restoration will we even think of fixing your new smile in place, so you know that you have received the very best treatment possible. The Cerec process can cut down treatment time for patients eager for a new smile right now, or those eager to restored obviously chipped or fractured front teeth. We feel that a beautiful new smile shouldn’t have to wait and are eager to help you achieve the best smile possible today. Please feel free to call the Advance Dental practice today for any more information on how we can help you achieve the best smile possible in just one day.



Introducing CEREC 3D For Fast And Effective Tooth Restorations In Braintree

We are always looking to provide our clients with convenient and effective treatments and we can now provide a same-day solution for patients who require restorative treatment. Using Cerec 3D technology, we are now able to create bespoke restorations on-site, so you can enjoy stronger, healthier teeth in a single session.

What is Cerec 3D?

Cerec 3D is an advanced form of dental technology, which allows us to generate designs, manufacture and fit new, custom-made restorations all on the same day, in the same place. With Cerec, we can make new crowns, inlays and onlays and veneers at the practice and as soon as they are ready, we can fit them and you can start enjoying your new smile.

Cerec uses digital images of the teeth captured by a camera to create accurate 3D models, which act as templates for the restoration. These designs are then sent to the milling machine, which is responsible for actually manufacturing the new restoration. The manufacturing process takes minutes and once this is complete, your Advanced Care dentist will be ready to fit it and you can then head home.

What are the advantages of Cerec?

Cerec dramatically reduces treatment time and enables patients to have treatment without repeat sessions, temporary restorations or unpleasant putty moulds. There is less time spent in the dental chair and fewer injections.

Cerec also enables us to design the new restoration with the patient; you can actually see the images we create right in front of you on the screen. The process is also more accurate and patients who have a sensitive gag reflex will be pleased that there is no need to use dental putty to create impressions of the mouth.

If you’d like to find out more about Cerec technology or restorative treatment at Advance Dental Care, call and make an appointment today!



Classical CEREC hits Basildon

There is nothing more irritating and frustrating when something goes wrong in your mouth and yet, you may well have little time in the day to get your teeth sorted out if you are a busy type. Help is in hand though in Basildon because the town is blessed by having the treatment of CEREC at its disposal and if you want to know more about this, then the town is also served by the Advance Dental Clinic of Chelmsford and if you give them a call, they can tell you all about this magical little procedure. It entails the fixing of veneers, crowns or bridges, which would normally entail a three week operation, but with CEREC, it’s over within a couple of hours. First your problem area will be digitally imaged and x-rayed, after which, a computer program will design your new fitting; this information is then fed into a machine that makes your required part on the spot. Through all this, the dentist can get you ready and prepared and once the fitting is made, it’s simply slotted into place- any problems can be rectified on the spot and that is essentially how fast and brilliant this treatment is. You are in and out before you know it and your smile will be completely intact again: if you are in a rush, this is definitely for you. Call 01245 268 494 for a free consultation at Advance Dental Clinic in Chelmsford.