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How complications arise from an Untreated Tooth Abscess in Chelmsford

Some conditions that arise in the mouth can be easily remedied by just popping along to see your dentist; most are simple to recover from. But once things do start to go wrong, it’s a serious indication that you are not looking after your teeth at home enough and if you continue to ignore the warning signs, you may well be setting yourself up with more sinister issues, such as a tooth abscess. An abscess erupts from the lack of decent oral hygiene and if you are starting to have more and more fillings, be aware that you are putting your life on the line here. Once an abscess makes an entrance, it’ll do it with extreme prejudice: your face will ignite with swelling, your mouth will be extremely painful, but covertly, the toxins from the abscess will be working their way into the bloodstream; this can induce a state of coma in the brain. In rare cases, the abscess can disappear as fast as it came but you would be mentally stupid to ignore it and leave it untreated. Antibiotics are the only way to quell the inflammation and stop you from being poisoned; only then can a dentist get to work on the tooth decay that has caused this- even then, there is a good chance that you will have to ditch the tooth in order to prevent the abscess from returning. Get yourself along to the Advance Dental Clinic in Chelmsford and have a chat about oral hygiene and how you can improve it to avoid problems like this. Call 01245 268 494 for a free consultation at Advance Dental Clinic in Chelmsford.


Tackling and Treating a Tooth Abscess in Brentwood

If there is one condition that you need to try to avoid in your mouth, it’s a tooth abscess. When one breaks out, it can actually become life threatening because the toxins from the abscess are spread throughout the body via the bloodstream and then deposit the infection into the brain; this can induce a state of coma. Aside from extreme pain and vicious swelling in the face, an abscess needs instant attention and this can only be got from having yourself filled with antibiotics; if you can’t get to your dentist, then find a hospital. Once the antibiotics have kicked in, it will diminish all of the problems and then your tooth can be worked on. An abscess is the direct result of untreated tooth decay and if you have let it get to this level, the only way you can save the tooth is to have root canal treatment. However as a caution, once an abscess has made its statement in your mouth, it has a habit of making another one- namely, it may well return and the only remedy for this is to have the tooth removed. If you identify with any of this in Brentwood, then give the Advance Dental Clinic of Chelmsford a call; they serve the area and are experts in all fields of dentistry, especially delicate areas such as dealing with a tooth abscess. Call 01245 268 494 for a free consultation at Advance Dental Clinic in Chelmsford.

Dealing with a nasty Abscessed Tooth in Chelmsford

Some things that go wrong in your mouth can be quite easy to remedy if you get in quick and visit your dentist in Chelmsford, but as the Advance Dental Clinic up in Moulsham Street would concur, if you get an abscess break out in your mouth, you will be treading very dangerous ground indeed. An abscess is the direct result of rubbish oral hygiene: plaque will turn to tarter and then squeeze the life from your gums before infecting them; tooth decay can also do the same and once there is nowhere for an infection to go, it will erupt as an abscess…this is terrible territory. Your face will swell up amidst the pain, but the toxins released throughout the turmoil will literally poison the bloodstream and threaten your brain with a shutdown. If any of this happens, you need to get some antibiotics inside you quickly and if you can’t get to a dentist, take no chances- get to a hospital. Once the antibiotics have quelled the flow of poison into your bloodstream and calmed the swelling, then your dentist can get to work on your mouth. But remember this: once an abscess, always an abscess; they re-offend and in most cases, the only way to put things right in your mouth is to have the tooth removed. Call 01245 268 494 for a free consultation at Advance Dental Clinic in Chelmsford.

Attacking a Tooth Abscess in Colchester

Some conditions come and go in your mouth and can be treated with the minimum of fuss to maintain the health of your mouth. There are some though that can’t be taken lightly and are quite dangerous, a tooth abscess being the perfect example. All things that go wrong in your mouth start with a combination of poor oral hygiene and the build up of plaque. This then turns into nasty things like tooth decay and gum disease, then things get really nasty when the abscess forms. Your face will swell violently and you will suffer extreme pain, but don’t believe for a second that this is the end of it. During the eruption of an abscess, very sinister toxins will be leaked into your body via the bloodstream and can become life-threatening. The only way to fight this problem is to seek immediate help, if not from a dentist, then from a hospital. Before the problem behind all this can be treated, you will need to be pumped with antibiotics to neutralise the poisons and then bring down the swelling. Only then can your dentist in Colchester set about fixing you up again. Be warned though- and the Advance Dental Clinic in Chelmsford can tell you all about this, you get one abscess and the chances are that others will follow on and re-offend and at this juncture, only an extraction will stop the threat. Call 01245 268 494 for a free consultation at Advance Dental Clinic in Chelmsford.

The danger of a Tooth Abscess in Colchester

If there is any problem that you should act on immediately if it breaks out in your mouth, it’s a tooth abscess. This condition can become life threatening for it is so poisonous, it can induce a state of coma into the brain. The causes of an abscess are a combination of poor oral hygiene and advanced tooth decay. Once the decay infects the inside of the tooth, it will affect the gum tissue that surrounds the roots of the tooth and hence, an abscess erupts. This will cause extraordinary pain and make your face swell badly and before it can be tackled properly by your dentist, you need antibiotics. Now some dentists will run a 24 hour emergency service or at least supply you with a number to call but if you have no luck, then don’t hang around and get yourself up to Colchester General and get treated there. Once the swelling and pain subsides, then your dentist can get to work on patching you up. But there is a cautionary tale here: abscesses don’t go lightly and have a habit of coming back to bite you and in the end, you may well have to have the tooth extracted. For more information on this problem, the Advance dental clinic in Chelmsford can help you with anything you need to know, as they serve the Colchester area. Call 01245 268 494 for a free consultation at Advance Dental Clinic in Chelmsford.

Emergency treatment for tooth abscess from Colchester dentist

If teeth are not effectively cleaned by brushing and flossing, a substance called plaque builds up around the teeth. Plaque is a filmy substance made up of bacteria and other debris that clings to the teeth and gums causing decay. The acids released by the decaying bacteria in plaque erode tooth enamel, the hard protective coating that covers the teeth. It makes small holes in the enamel known as cavities, which can require dental fillings.

If the cavities are not filled, the plaque will eventually penetrate to the centre of the tooth. Here it will erode away the pulp or dentine that fills the centre of teeth and eventually attack the nerve located at its centre. This can lead to a very painful infection which can be responsible for tooth loss. The infection is also capable of spreading to other parts of the mouth and even entering the bloodstream where research has shown it can cause heart problems.

The body’s natural response to infection is to bombard it with white blood cells. These white blood cells gather around the infected material and attempt to kill the infection. This creates a yellow substance called pus, which can build up in large and painful abscesses in the gum. This swelling can be very sensitive and make everyday activities like eating and drinking very unpleasant.

The first sign of a tooth abscess is usually a toothache but if the infection has killed the nerve there may be no pain but there can still be an infection present in the tooth. It is always essential to see a dentist even if a toothache seems to have gone away by itself.

Other signs that you may be suffering from a tooth abscess are a foul odour and a bitter, unpleasant taste in the mouth. This may be accompanied by a general feeling of nausea. The pain from the ache will usually get much worse when exposed to extremes of hot and cold, especially when eating.

Over-the-counter pain remedies such as paracetemol can help with the pain and can keep tooth abscesses under control and swilling salt water also helps, but only a visit to a dentist will beat the underlying causes of the infection. Any delay in treatment can give the infection valuable time to spread making the consequences of a tooth abscess much more severe. In extreme circumstances tooth abscesses can require admission to hospital and even painful oral surgery. Make an appointment to see a dentist as soon as possible if you suspect a tooth abscess. Call 01245 268 494 for a free consultation at Advance Dental Clinic in Essex.