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Teeth whitening from Maldon dentist brightens smile

Even the straightest and most well proportioned teeth can look unhealthy if they are discoloured. Our teeth naturally lose their natural colour over time. Just as our hair loses its natural colour and turns grey, our teeth lose their white colour as the enamel is gradually stained.

Discolouration affects some people more than others because of natural factors but it can also be influenced by lifestyle choices that we make. For example, the use of any kind of tobacco product can adversely affect the colour of teeth. Coffee and red wine drinkers are also particularly susceptible to the premature discolouration.

Regular and correct brushing and flossing can help prevent discoloration but if the enamel itself has become discoloured no amount of cleaning will restore the whiteness of the teeth. It is then only teeth whitening procedures that can restore the natural whiteness of the teeth.

Teeth whitening is the most common and affordable of all the cosmetic dentistry procedures and will be offered by most dentists. Most initial whitening will take place in the surgery but follow up treatments may be carried out at home with specially prepared whitening trays. There are whitening treatments available on the internet which promise teeth whitening at home, but dentists always recommend consulting them before using any whitening equipment. This is because the whitening ingredient, usually hydrogen peroxide, can be damaging to soft tissue if applied incorrectly or in high concentrations. Dentists will offer higher strength concentrations in surgery and safer, more diluted treatments for home use.

Teeth whitening affects different people at different speeds with some patients having visibly whiter teeth after only one treatment. For other patients it may take several applications before any discernable difference can be seen. If you think you could benefit from teeth whitening, make an appointment to see a Maldon dentist and they will be able to offer advice about the latest treatments available to you.