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Dazzle When You Smile with our Teeth Whitening Treatment

A simple yet effective way of transforming the look of your teeth is through teeth whitening treatment. Teeth can become stained very easily, especially if you eat and drink certain things such as coffee or red wine, which can easily stain teeth. Whitening is a simple yet effective way of transforming the teeth and getting rid of stubborn teeth stains.

What is Enlighten?

Enlighten whitening combines at home whitening with in house whitening. We will make you a bespoke mouth tray for comfort and fit and provide the gel to be used with it. You can wear the trays for two weeks at home, before visiting us for a one-hour treatment. This combination of treatments means that we can lighten teeth up to ten shades. This is a great way to transform your smile without having other cosmetic dental treatments.

During your consultation, we will instruct you on what to do with your trays and how long to wear them for each day. Most of our clients tend to wear them at night or in the evenings. As with any dental treatment, there can be some minor side effects. Usually this will be mild sensitivity for a couple of days until your teeth settle down. Try to avoid very hot and very cold food and drinks to minimise this. If you would like to discuss having whitening treatment at Advance Dental Clinic. then contact us today and start arranging your teeth whitening consultation.

Achieve a Whiter Smile This Summer!

With the sun cracking the pavements outside, summer is well and truly here. You may be thinking about outdoor parties and glamorous outfits, but have you thought about teaming your look with a bright white smile? Our teeth whitening treatments create gorgeous, glowing smiles, perfect for the long, summer evenings.

If you’ve noticed that your teeth are looking a little dull, your morning coffee habit has taken its toll or you simply want to give your smile a boost to start the New Year with a bang, why not treat yourself to a brand new smile with the help of our amazing home-whitening treatment?

About home whitening treatment

Home whitening treatment enables you to get a beautiful, radiant smile in the comfort of your home. All you have to do is wear a custom-made whitening tray for around six hours per day for a period of 10-15 days and you will notice that your teeth look considerably lighter and brighter.

We custom make your whitening tray to ensure that it fits you perfectly and once we have received your tray from the laboratory, treatment can begin. Most patients choose to wear their whitening tray at night, as this minimises disruption to their normal daily routine, but it is totally up to you. We recommend a treatment period of 10 days for patients with slightly sensitive teeth and 14-15 days for patients who do not suffer from sensitivity.

What can I expect from home whitening treatment?

Home whitening treatment is a safe, convenient and effective way of lightening your smile and the best thing is that you don’t even need to leave the house to get the results you want. The results of treatment are dependent on the starting shade of your teeth. If you have heavy staining or severe discolouration, whitening treatment will lighten the shade of your teeth, but it is unlikely that they will look bright white. In cases of severe staining, more intensive treatment may be recommended.

Spruce Up That Smile with Wonderful Whitening

Teeth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic treatments of all time and a beautiful white smile is often thought to be the key to success in both personal and business affairs. We’ve got a range of whitening treatments to give your smile a stunning natural sparkle.

Whitening at home

Home treatment is perfect if you lead a busy, hectic lifestyle. This simple process could give you the smile of your dreams! We’ll design a bespoke whitening tray just for you, which you can wear at your own leisure for a specified amount of time. Many people choose to wear their trays at night to keep their daily lives seperate from their treatment. Home whitening usually takes between 6 and 15 days and different treatments have different success rates. It’s our firm belief that our treatments work like a dream and we welcome you back for top-up treatment to keep that grin gleaming.

Are there any risks?

Teeth whitening is generally considered safe, as long as you get it from a trained dentist. Bleaching does carry risks and sensitivity is common, which is why we thoroughly check each patient’s teeth before we give the green light. Any oral health problems should be nipped in the bud before whitening can begin.

Does whitening work?

Whitening can’t change your actual tooth colour, but it can lighten the shade of your teeth and the results tend to be impressive. This is an amazing treatment for people who want to add some extra sparkle to their smile without worrying about drills, injections or hours in the dental chair.

Get a Whiter Smile This Spring

A visible tea stain on an incisor, a slight yellowing in your smile can really affect the way that you feel about your smile. Whether you simply want to look good in your summer snaps, or to generally improve the appearance of the teeth for a special occasion, we have whitening treatments for you.

What is ‘teeth whitening’?

Exactly what it sounds like: A process whereby your teeth are made whiter. How this process is achieved, however, is where the details become more important. Most forms of whitening involve the use of oxidising agents (such as hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide) to make your teeth several shades lighter. These agents infiltrate your tooth enamel and reach the deeper, inner stains of your teeth. At Advance Dental Clinic in Chelmsford, our preferred method of tooth whitening is at home whitening.

At home whitening

Bleach your teeth in the comfort of your own home! With an at home whitening procedure, you will wear special dental trays which will contain a special, low intensity, oxidising agent. You will need to wear them for roughly 6 hours a day over a period of 5 to 15 days. In many cases, people notice dramatic results in just a few days! Some stains, however, can take longer to bleach and in this case, results may not be as immediate. As a rule, whitening is less effective for people whose teeth have decayed or whose teeth have a naturally grey tint.

Some possible side-effects

Some patients experience temporary tooth sensitive, but this commonly subsides shortly after treatment has been completed. If you experience dental irritation, it most likely caused by a poorly fitted dental tray. Other side effects can occur if a high concentration of the oxidising agent comes into contact with unprotected tissue.

Have A Dazzling Smile This Wedding Season With Innovative Teeth Whitening

The sun has made an appearance, the holidays are in sight and wedding season is in full swing. If you’re preparing for your big day or you’re looking forward to going to a close friend or relative’s wedding and you’re desperate to impress, a bright, beautiful smile is just the ticket. With our incredible tooth whitening treatments, we can ensure that you are camera-ready for your special day. At Advance Dental, we understand the difference cosmetic dental treatment can make, not just to your looks, but also to your confidence and there’s no event more important than your wedding day; we can help to make sure you look and feel amazing every time you smile and you feel content when you look through the photographs in years to come. Our whitening treatments include the highly rated Enlighten system, which is famed for its stunning, natural looking results. Enlighten treatment involves a mixture of home treatment and an in-chair session. Treatment duration is 15 days and this includes 14 days of home treatment. Treatment at home is very simple and it can be fitted around a busy schedule very easily, so it won’t get in the way of planning and last-minute arrangements. You simply wear your bespoke Enlighten whitening trays for a set period of time every day or night for 14 days and this is followed by a power whitening session at the clinic, which lasts just one hour. When you come to the clinic, we will apply bleaching agent to the teeth and ask you to pop on a pair of protective goggles; you can lie back and enjoy some well-earned relaxation while we activate the agent with a light beam and let the treatment work its magic. At the end of the session, your smile will look radiant and you’ll be all ready to shine in the spotlight at your wedding. Whitening treatment isn’t painful and the results should last for years, so you can enjoy a timeless, beautiful smile and increased confidence far beyond your big day.

We Offer The Best Whitening Treatment On The Market

Throughout his many years of experience Dr Andrew Moore has worked with a wide range of different teeth whitening treatments and by far the best is the one we offer our patients, Enlighten deep bleaching. This treatment gives our patients guaranteed results every time and can make teeth up to six times whiter and does not harm the teeth or create sensitivity. Enlighten makes use of combining both at home whitening and in-house whitening to get the best results. We make each patient his or her very own custom trays and formula to use at home for two weeks. They can be worn during the night or whenever you choose to wear them in the comfort of your own home. After the two weeks of wearing the trays we will invite you to come to the clinic for a final treatment. The shade is chosen by you and we can discuss this during your teeth whitening consultation, whether it be dazzling whiter than white results, or more natural results. Teeth can be naturally a yellow colour and a combination of that and certain lifestyle choices can make teeth look stained and dirty. Most over the counter whitening products do not contain enough strength to make a difference to your teeth and we advise going to a professional dentist when getting whitening treatment. Whiter teeth can really make a difference to your confidence, especially during social occasions and in photographs. Many people have teeth whitening treatment ready for an important occasion occurring where they want to look and feel their best such as a wedding or anniversary, even for a new job. If you would like some expert advice on our teeth whitening service, get in contact with the team today to arrange a consultation and begin your journey to whiter, brighter teeth.