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Get a Whiter Smile This Spring

A visible tea stain on an incisor, a slight yellowing in your smile can really affect the way that you feel about your smile. Whether you simply want to look good in your summer snaps, or to generally improve the appearance of the teeth for a special occasion, we have whitening treatments for you.

What is ‘teeth whitening’?

Exactly what it sounds like: A process whereby your teeth are made whiter. How this process is achieved, however, is where the details become more important. Most forms of whitening involve the use of oxidising agents (such as hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide) to make your teeth several shades lighter. These agents infiltrate your tooth enamel and reach the deeper, inner stains of your teeth. At Advance Dental Clinic in Chelmsford, our preferred method of tooth whitening is at home whitening.

At home whitening

Bleach your teeth in the comfort of your own home! With an at home whitening procedure, you will wear special dental trays which will contain a special, low intensity, oxidising agent. You will need to wear them for roughly 6 hours a day over a period of 5 to 15 days. In many cases, people notice dramatic results in just a few days! Some stains, however, can take longer to bleach and in this case, results may not be as immediate. As a rule, whitening is less effective for people whose teeth have decayed or whose teeth have a naturally grey tint.

Some possible side-effects

Some patients experience temporary tooth sensitive, but this commonly subsides shortly after treatment has been completed. If you experience dental irritation, it most likely caused by a poorly fitted dental tray. Other side effects can occur if a high concentration of the oxidising agent comes into contact with unprotected tissue.

Remove Stains For A Brighter Smile With Our Teeth Whitening Treatment Near Harlow

At Advance Dental we provide ourselves in offering convenient cosmetic treatments, which really work. Our home whitening treatment offers an amazing simple solution to discolouration for patients with busy schedules and those who want results fast. With home treatment, you can enjoy the benefits of a beautiful white smile without even having to leave the comfort of your own home, making this a very handy treatment indeed. Before you start your treatment, we invite you to come in for a short consultation so that we can check your teeth, explain how treatment works and make impressions of your teeth, which will be used as moulds for your personalised whitening trays. Once your trays have been made, we will check the fit and then you can head home and start the whitening process. Treatment really is as simple as it sounds and all you do is wear the whitening trays and after 2 weeks you should have an amazing, radiant smile. Treatment works by using whitening agent to lighten the shade of the teeth gradually and you will start to notice that your teeth look a little brighter and whiter after just a few days. We usually recommend a treatment period of 2 weeks for the best results, but you can top-up treatment in the future if you wish to add a little more sparkle to your pearly whites. Home whitening is a really simple way of making your smile stand out and it will give you confidence and make you look and feel more attractive. There are no side-effects, no pain and you and fit your treatment around your normal day to day schedule; most patients find it most convenient to wear the trays at night. If you’re interested in giving your smile a whitening boost, call us today and we’ll arrange a consultation.