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Dealing With Sensitive Teeth

Teeth can be sensitive for a number of reasons and can often cause discomfort and even pain when having hot or cold items, or even eating and drinking anything. Sometimes after having a filling can cause tooth sensitivity, as can other dental treatments. If there is a chance that this might occur one of our dentists will tell you any side effects you may have and give you help and advice. Sometimes, especially if a filling is deep, the tooth may take a short time to settle and may be sensitive for a few days afterwards. If the tooth were sensitive for a length of time it would be best to get in contact with us as soon as possible so that we can look at the tooth. Sometime, people have always had slightly sensitive teeth. If this is the case there are certain toothpastes and mouthwashes which are designed to help combat tooth sensitivity and used on a regular basis can make a real difference. Some people who have sensitive teeth also find that the cold weather and particularly a cold wind can cause discomfort, just as a cold drink or food item would. If your teeth or a certain tooth suddenly become sensitive it may be a sign of decay and it is important that you have a dental check-up if you do have sensitivity out of the blue. Our dental hygienist can offer you lots of tips and advice as to the best ways of looking after sensitive teeth, the products you can try which can help you and look at some of the causes of your sensitivity. For instance it may just be one or two particular food items, or foods, which are particularly cold such as ice-cream. Making a few lifestyle adjustments can really help tooth sensitivity and finding the best products to support you teeth. If you would like any help or advice about dealing with sensitive teeth then contact the team and make an appointment with us so that we can help you deal with your sensitive teeth.









Dealing With Tooth Sensitivity

If you find that your teeth have become extra sensitive lately you may want to get your teeth checked incase you have a cavity or tooth damage. Some people naturally have sensitive teeth and feel the sensitivity when having particularly hot or cold food or drink items, or there may be a few teeth that are sensitive rather than all your teeth. There is a range of toothpastes available on the high streets, which help with, tooth sensitivity. Used daily they can stop the teeth being so sensitive and can allow you to eat and drink whatever you like. Some people also find that the cold weather can make their teeth sensitive and painful, as can sweet or sour food items. There can be a range of reasons why you may have sensitive teeth, where the dentin is worn away at the gum line making the nerves sensitive. This can be due to brushing the teeth and gums too aggressively, tooth decay, damaged teeth, gum disease, tooth grinding, certain dental treatments and even certain tooth whitening treatments. There are many things you can do to stop your teeth being sensitive such as gently brushing your teeth especially around the gum line. You can also use toothpaste for sensitive teeth that contain fluoride, but there is a variety on the market to try. Try to limit the amount of food you eat which is acidic as this can further harm your teeth and make your teeth even more sensitive. If tooth grinding is an issue we can discuss wearing a mouth guard during the night to stop this happening. We can also use a variety of methods to treat tooth sensitivity such as composite bonding on the sensitive areas, or dental sealers put over the exposed root. If your sensitive teeth are getting you down, come in to see us and together we will banish your tooth sensitivity for good.