If you have a missing tooth or a number of gaps in your smile, you may be considering dental implant treatment. Dental implants represent a long-term solution for tooth loss. At Advance Dental, our experienced dentists use precision techniques to fit implants seamlessly and create stunning smiles.

About dental implants

Dental implants are titanium devices, which are used to anchor a replacement tooth. The implant takes on the role of the lost root, and once it has settled into the tissue in the jaw bone, it can be attached to a crown, denture or bridge to produce a natural-looking, functional tooth. Implants last for several years, they look and work like strong, natural teeth, and they give you the freedom and confidence to eat, smile and speak without any anxiety at all. With implants, we can replace a single tooth, a few missing teeth or a full arch, as implants are compatible with a range of restorations.

Fitting dental implants

Before your implants are placed, our dentists will use advanced technology to pinpoint the optimum location for the devices. Using a CT scanner, our dentists will locate the best sites for your implants. They can then place the implants under sedation or local anaesthetic by creating a small opening in the bone tissue and then inserting and securing the titanium post. After closing the gum flap, the implant will be left to heal through a process called osseointegration. When this is complete, the permanent crown, bridge or denture can be attached.

If you’re looking for an effective, long-term solution for tooth loss, we strongly recommend considering dental implant treatment. If you’d like to find out more about the benefits of implants, or you’re keen to learn about the procedure in more detail, simply call and book a consultation.

If you have missing teeth, it’s highly likely that your dentist will encourage you to think about replacing them. Gaps in the smile can cause problems for various reasons, and there are some amazing tooth replacement treatments out there. If you’ve lost a tooth or you have a number of gaps in your smile, here are three reasons to think about tooth replacement:

  1. Dental health: if you’ve lost teeth, this can have a negative impact on your dental health. The remaining teeth can start to move out of position, and it may be harder to keep your mouth clean. Replacing missing teeth will improve your oral health both in the short and long-term.
  2. Aesthetics and confidence: many of us consider the smile the most important physical feature. When you meet somebody, their smile is often the first thing you notice about them. Missing teeth can affect the aesthetic of the smile, but they can also affect your confidence. You may feel nervous or apprehensive when you meet new people, and you may be reluctant to smile in public or pose for photographs. Replacing missing teeth can rebuild your confidence and make sure you feel great when your smile is on show.
  3. Diet and nutrition: your teeth play an important role in digestion. You use your teeth to break down food and make it easier for your body to digest it. Without strong teeth the range of foods you can eat may be limited, and this can have a negative impact on nutrition and health. With a bridge, dentures or dental implants, you can enjoy a wider range of foods, and you won’t feel anxious when you eat.

If you have missing teeth, and you’d like to find more about your options, why not arrange a consultation? Our friendly dentists can talk you through the different treatments and make recommendations based on your individual needs and preferences.