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Denture Treatment for Missing Teeth

Dentures are a versatile treatment for missing teeth. They can replace entire sets of teeth (this is called a complete or full denture) or a small number of teeth (this is known as a partial denture).

About dentures

In most cases, dentures are made from acrylic resin, which is bonded to metal. The denture is made up of a palate and a set of false teeth, which are designed to look like natural teeth. Over the years, dentures have evolved and modern dentures are very lifelike, as well as being comfortable, functional and light.

Dentures are custom-made so that they fit the contours and shape of the individual patient’s mouth. However, as the mouth is constantly changing shape, it is common for adjustments to be made every now and again to ensure a perfect fit.

Benefits of dentures

Dentures have numerous benefits. Firstly, they create an attractive, natural looking smile, which is particularly impressive if you have lost all or most of your natural teeth. Dentures enable you to smile with confidence and feel happy about the look of your smile.

Dentures also restore the function of the mouth. The teeth have a number of important roles and missing teeth can cause problems for speech, eating and aesthetics. Dentures enable you to eat the foods you love, speak clearly and they also provide support for your cheeks, which creates a more youthful and attractive facial aesthetic.

Caring for dentures

Just as you care for your natural teeth, you also have to care for dentures. We advise patients to remove their dentures at night to allow the gums to rest. At Advance Dental Clinic in Chelmsford, we recommend daily cleaning to ensure that the denture is clean and to reduce the risk of infection. We are happy to provide advice about denture cleaning and to recommend cleaning products. We advise you to clean your denture at least once a day using a soft-bristled brush and denture cleaning solution. It is best to clean your denture while standing over a sink full of water so that the denture will not break if you accidentally drop it. Always store your denture in a safe place and keep the denture moist when you are not wearing it by leaving it in lukewarm water.

Learn About Implant-Retained Dentures In Essex

Have you had issues with dentures? Are you looking for a more stable and functional solution to missing teeth? With implant-retained dentures, you can enjoy the benefits of both implant and denture treatment, enabling you to enjoy a beautiful smile, as well as strong and functional teeth, clear speech, peace of mind and increased bite power to enjoy your favourite meals. All-on-4 is an implant treatment, which combines aspects of implant and denture treatment. With this system, a denture is anchored by four dental implants to offer you increased stability and complete peace of mind that your denture will never become loose or slip out of place when you are speaking or eating.When you have treatment, four dental implants will be fitted; this includes two at the back of the jaw and two at the front. The implants sit in sockets in the jaw bone and the head is exposed; the denture is then secured onto the implants. Usually, implant treatment takes months, but with All-on-4, the process can be completed in a single day, so you can enjoy instant results.There are so many benefits of this treatment. Firstly, the process is completed in a single day, which means that you can start enjoying the benefits straightaway. The results are fantastic and your new teeth will be as strong, stable and powerful as natural teeth. With implants in place to secure the teeth, you will be able to enjoy the same level of security and functionality as natural teeth and there’s absolutely no risk of the teeth sliding, even when you’re eating foods that may have previously been off-limits with traditional dentures. Implants also provide stability and support the cheeks, giving you a more youthful facial aesthetic.To find out more about same-day tooth replacement and implant-retained dentures, call today!