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Try High Quality Lumineers For A Glowing Smile

If a glowing, glossy smile is your goal for the summer, we have great news! With Lumineers, we can create stunning, radiant smiles to ensure that you feel confident posing for holiday photos and happy every time you see your smile in the mirror. If you suffer from chipped, stained or damaged teeth and you’re looking for a solution, which will transform your imperfect teeth into a flawless smile, this could be the perfect choice. Lumineers are veneers with a difference; they are made from a patented ceramic material, which is extremely thin, but also incredibly strong. They are manufactured by Cerinate in the USA and they are famed for producing beautiful smiles, while also conserving the tooth structure. Normally, when you have veneer treatment, the tooth is prepared beforehand and this involves removing a very fine layer of the tooth surface; in the case of Lumineers, the veneers are so thin that minimal preparation is required and often, the veneers can be bonded directly onto the teeth. We recommend Lumineers for a number of reasons; the results are tried and tested, the material is durable and the veneers are stronger than most other types of veneer. Lumineers also have a pearly iridescence, which gives them a very natural look and the treatment process is simple and painless. If you suffer from a lack of confidence because of your smile, you hide your smile away or you would love to show off perfect pearly whites every time you open your mouth, why not consider Lumineers? Call us today to book a consultation to find out more about treatment from our amazing dentists. Consultations are informal and relaxed and they give you the chance to find out about the ins and outs of treatment and learn about the process and what it entails.

Dealing With Tooth Sensitivity

If you find that your teeth have become extra sensitive lately you may want to get your teeth checked incase you have a cavity or tooth damage. Some people naturally have sensitive teeth and feel the sensitivity when having particularly hot or cold food or drink items, or there may be a few teeth that are sensitive rather than all your teeth. There is a range of toothpastes available on the high streets, which help with, tooth sensitivity. Used daily they can stop the teeth being so sensitive and can allow you to eat and drink whatever you like. Some people also find that the cold weather can make their teeth sensitive and painful, as can sweet or sour food items. There can be a range of reasons why you may have sensitive teeth, where the dentin is worn away at the gum line making the nerves sensitive. This can be due to brushing the teeth and gums too aggressively, tooth decay, damaged teeth, gum disease, tooth grinding, certain dental treatments and even certain tooth whitening treatments. There are many things you can do to stop your teeth being sensitive such as gently brushing your teeth especially around the gum line. You can also use toothpaste for sensitive teeth that contain fluoride, but there is a variety on the market to try. Try to limit the amount of food you eat which is acidic as this can further harm your teeth and make your teeth even more sensitive. If tooth grinding is an issue we can discuss wearing a mouth guard during the night to stop this happening. We can also use a variety of methods to treat tooth sensitivity such as composite bonding on the sensitive areas, or dental sealers put over the exposed root. If your sensitive teeth are getting you down, come in to see us and together we will banish your tooth sensitivity for good.


Meet The Faster Way To Straight Teeth In A Matter Of Weeks

Thankfully in today’s modern orthodontics there are a wide range of braces treatments to choose from. Now, there are highly effective smaller, thinner and more effective metal braces as well as removable aligners that are discreet and fast working. One of our popular removable aligners is the Inman Aligner that is a cross between metal braces and clear aligners. Whilst it is not quite as discreet as clear aligners, it is more aesthetically pleasing that fixed metal braces. Behind the teeth are springs and across the front of the teeth is a thin metal bar which work to push and pull the teeth gently into position. The only visible element of the aligner is the thin metal bar that looks very discreet. The Inman Aligner is able to provide straight teeth in a matter of weeks rather than years. Another great benefit to the Inman aligner is the fact that you can remove it. This means that you can eat and drink without worry and you can clean your teeth as effectively as normal. Also, if you do very occasionally have an event or occasion where you would rather not wear the aligner you can take it out. It is worth noting that you should wear the Inman Aligner for over 20 hours per day for the fastest possible results which can be four months for more complex issues and as little as six weeks for less complex problems. The main issues we would recommend the Inman aligner for are issues that affect the front teeth such as small gaps or overcrowding and even for those who have had orthodontic treatment and have relapsed teeth. If you are uncertain which is the right orthodontic treatment for you then get in touch with us and we will find the best braces treatment for your needs.

Which Cosmetic Dental Treatment Is Right For You In The Heart Of Essex?

We are proud to offer a broad spectrum of cosmetic dental treatments and techniques to address aesthetic flaws and improve and enhance the look of your smile. The aim of cosmetic dentistry is to make the smile look healthy and attractive and we are confident that we have a solution, no matter the problem. If you dread smiling in public because of chipped or stained teeth or you migrate to the back of the group every time a camera comes out because you feel conscious of worn edges or spaces between your teeth, we can help to give you a stunning smile and ensure you feel comfortable and confident every time you’re in the spotlight.

Our treatments

We have a range of treatments on offer, including:

We also offer a comprehensive selection of cosmetic braces, general dentistry treatments and facial rejuvenation treatments.

Which cosmetic dental treatment is best for me?

Every patient is different and for this reason, it’s impossible to say which treatment is best. Tooth whitening can be hugely beneficial for one patient, but it may be unnecessary for another. We offer consultations to assess which treatments are suitable for the individual patient and we make recommendations based on a dental assessment, as well as a discussion with the patient to see which problems they want to treat and what kinds of smiles and aesthetics they prefer.

If you’d like to find out more about our cosmetic dental services or you’d like to discuss the possibility of having cosmetic treatment with our expert dentists, call now and arrange a consultation.

Learn About Implant-Retained Dentures In Essex

Have you had issues with dentures? Are you looking for a more stable and functional solution to missing teeth? With implant-retained dentures, you can enjoy the benefits of both implant and denture treatment, enabling you to enjoy a beautiful smile, as well as strong and functional teeth, clear speech, peace of mind and increased bite power to enjoy your favourite meals. All-on-4 is an implant treatment, which combines aspects of implant and denture treatment. With this system, a denture is anchored by four dental implants to offer you increased stability and complete peace of mind that your denture will never become loose or slip out of place when you are speaking or eating.When you have treatment, four dental implants will be fitted; this includes two at the back of the jaw and two at the front. The implants sit in sockets in the jaw bone and the head is exposed; the denture is then secured onto the implants. Usually, implant treatment takes months, but with All-on-4, the process can be completed in a single day, so you can enjoy instant results.There are so many benefits of this treatment. Firstly, the process is completed in a single day, which means that you can start enjoying the benefits straightaway. The results are fantastic and your new teeth will be as strong, stable and powerful as natural teeth. With implants in place to secure the teeth, you will be able to enjoy the same level of security and functionality as natural teeth and there’s absolutely no risk of the teeth sliding, even when you’re eating foods that may have previously been off-limits with traditional dentures. Implants also provide stability and support the cheeks, giving you a more youthful facial aesthetic.To find out more about same-day tooth replacement and implant-retained dentures, call today!


Introducing Cerec Crowns In The Heart Of Essex

We are delighted to bring one of modern dentistry’s finest innovations to Essex. With the help of Cerec technology, we are now able to offer same-day bespoke restorative treatment, so you don’t have to wait weeks for a new crown or a replacement veneer. Cerec is a form of technology, which allows us to design and manufacture new restorations, including inlays, onlays, crowns and veneers, on-site. Usually, dentists create moulds of the teeth, which are sent away to dental technicians when a patient needs a new restoration and this process takes around 2 weeks; with Cerec, we are able to complete the entire process, from taking a photograph of your tooth to fitting the restoration in a single day at our practice. This means less time in the dental chair for you and instant results; Cerec also enables us to have more control over the design and the finished outcome and there is no need for temporary restorations. Many patients dread having treatment because they dislike the feeling of having putty in their mouth and this is particularly problematic in patients with over sensitive gag reflexes; with Cerec, images are used instead of putty moulds and this means that you can have treatment without any worries about feeling uncomfortable. Cerec is capable of completing all the stages of treatment; we take photographs of the tooth and these are converted into detailed 3D models by sophisticated computer software. The models are then sent to the on-site milling machine, which is responsible for fabricating the new, custom-made restoration. This process is incredibly quick and once your crown or onlay is ready, we can fit it straight away.