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Dazzle When You Smile with our Teeth Whitening Treatment

A simple yet effective way of transforming the look of your teeth is through teeth whitening treatment. Teeth can become stained very easily, especially if you eat and drink certain things such as coffee or red wine, which can easily stain teeth. Whitening is a simple yet effective way of transforming the teeth and getting rid of stubborn teeth stains.

What is Enlighten?

Enlighten whitening combines at home whitening with in house whitening. We will make you a bespoke mouth tray for comfort and fit and provide the gel to be used with it. You can wear the trays for two weeks at home, before visiting us for a one-hour treatment. This combination of treatments means that we can lighten teeth up to ten shades. This is a great way to transform your smile without having other cosmetic dental treatments.

During your consultation, we will instruct you on what to do with your trays and how long to wear them for each day. Most of our clients tend to wear them at night or in the evenings. As with any dental treatment, there can be some minor side effects. Usually this will be mild sensitivity for a couple of days until your teeth settle down. Try to avoid very hot and very cold food and drinks to minimise this. If you would like to discuss having whitening treatment at Advance Dental Clinic. then contact us today and start arranging your teeth whitening consultation.

Get Fantastic Teeth Whitening Results

If you’re looking for a simple and painless way to make your smile sparkle, we recommend tooth whitening treatment. Tooth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic treatments available in the UK and it can really make a difference to the way your smile looks, as well as the way you feel about your appearance. Our experienced dentists have tried and tested a number of whitening systems in order to ensure that our patients have the most beautiful smiles and we are delighted to offer Enlighten bleaching. Enlighten is often featured in television makeover shows and it is known the world over for it’s incredible results. This innovative whitening treatment takes just 15 days to lighten the teeth by several shades, in some cases up to 14. Treatment involves 2 stages: the first stage takes place in the comfort of your own home and lasts for 14 days. Home treatment is really simple and convenient, as you can fit it in with your daily routine. All you have to do is wear custom-made Enlighten whitening trays for a set period of time every day. These trays are designed to fit your mouth perfectly and they contain bleaching agents, which lightens the shade of your teeth on contact with the enamel. After 14 consecutive days, we invite you to pop into the clinic for stage 2 of treatment: a one-hour in-chair treatment, which will give your smile the finishing touch. This treatment is painless and we encourage you to lie back and relax. After just one hour, you’ll have a beautiful new smile to show off and the results should last for several years. We recommend Enlighten whitening for anyone who longs for whiter, brighter teeth. The results are amazing, the process is simple and there’s absolutely no pain involved! Call us today to make an appointment.

Have A Dazzling Smile This Wedding Season With Innovative Teeth Whitening

The sun has made an appearance, the holidays are in sight and wedding season is in full swing. If you’re preparing for your big day or you’re looking forward to going to a close friend or relative’s wedding and you’re desperate to impress, a bright, beautiful smile is just the ticket. With our incredible tooth whitening treatments, we can ensure that you are camera-ready for your special day. At Advance Dental, we understand the difference cosmetic dental treatment can make, not just to your looks, but also to your confidence and there’s no event more important than your wedding day; we can help to make sure you look and feel amazing every time you smile and you feel content when you look through the photographs in years to come. Our whitening treatments include the highly rated Enlighten system, which is famed for its stunning, natural looking results. Enlighten treatment involves a mixture of home treatment and an in-chair session. Treatment duration is 15 days and this includes 14 days of home treatment. Treatment at home is very simple and it can be fitted around a busy schedule very easily, so it won’t get in the way of planning and last-minute arrangements. You simply wear your bespoke Enlighten whitening trays for a set period of time every day or night for 14 days and this is followed by a power whitening session at the clinic, which lasts just one hour. When you come to the clinic, we will apply bleaching agent to the teeth and ask you to pop on a pair of protective goggles; you can lie back and enjoy some well-earned relaxation while we activate the agent with a light beam and let the treatment work its magic. At the end of the session, your smile will look radiant and you’ll be all ready to shine in the spotlight at your wedding. Whitening treatment isn’t painful and the results should last for years, so you can enjoy a timeless, beautiful smile and increased confidence far beyond your big day.

How The Tooth Whitening Process Works Near Chelmsford

Our expert dental team has tried and tested the latest whitening treatments to bring you the best and we are delighted to offer our clients the incredible, award-winning Enlighten whitening system. This treatment is currently the only treatment available in the UK, which guarantees shade B1, the lightest tooth shade. If you dream of a beautiful snow white smile, Enlighten is the treatment for you.

What is Enlighten and what does the process involve?

Enlighten is a professional whitening system, which offers clients the best of both worlds; this treatment combines home treatment and an in-chair session to produce the best results.

For the first 14 days, treatment takes place in the comfort of your own home. You simply wear Enlighten custom-made whitening trays for around 6 hours per day for a period of 2 weeks. The trays are designed to match impressions of your mouth and they contain whitening agent, which lightens the shade of your teeth. Within a few days, you will start to notice the difference. Enlighten treatment is very flexible and you can fit it in around your working hours and social commitments; most people wear their trays at night.

On the 15th day of treatment, we invite you to attend an in-chair session at the clinic. This one-hour session is designed to give your teeth than final flourish and ensure that your smile looks stunning and radiant. There’s no pain involved and we simply place whitening gel on your teeth and then a shine a light to activate it; you don’t have to anything, but pop some protective goggles on and then lay back and relax.

After treatment, you can check out the results and see your new smile in all its sparkling glory. The results should last for years to come, provided that you care for your teeth well.

If you’d like to find out more or book a consultation, give us a ring today or pop in and see us.

Get A Smile As White As Snow With Our Innovative Whitening Treatments Near Braintree

There’s a chill in the air and many of us are dreaming of a white Christmas. While we can’t do anything about the weather, we can help to deliver perfect white smiles for those who long for white teeth this Christmas time.We have tried and tested whitening systems to ensure our clients have access to the best treatments and we are delighted to offer Enlighten professional whitening and home whitening treatment.Enlighten is a professional whitening treatment, which is hugely popular with celebrities and regularly appears on TV makeover shows. If you want brilliant white teeth, this is the treatment for you! Currently the only system to achieve shade B1 (the lightest shade available in the UK), Enlighten offers incredible results, as well as painless, hassle-free treatment.Enlighten combines two types of whitening treatment and for the first 14 days, treatment takes place at home. We provide you with custom-designed Enlighten trays, which contain bleaching agent and you wear these for 6 hours per day (or night) for 2 weeks. After your home treatment period is complete, you come into the practice for an express whitening session. This one-hour treatment boosts the radiance of your teeth and gives them a stunning shine; there’s no pain involved and you can simply sit back and chill out. All we do is apply whitening agent to your teeth and then activate it by shining a light onto your teeth. After one hour, your smile will look sparkling and bright! Home whitening is an affordable, convenient treatment option and it is particularly beneficial for patients who have hectic work or social schedules. With this system, treatment is carried out at home and you can fit it in around your daily routine; you simply wear your custom-made whitening trays for 6 hours per day for 10-14 days and you will soon notice that your teeth look whiter and brighter. You can also top-up your treatment in the future if you fancy giving your pearly whites some added sparkle.To book your whitening treatment in time for Christmas, call us now!


Restore The Appearance Of Stained, Tired-Looking Teeth Quickly And Easily Near Chelmsford

Are your teeth showing signs of wear and tear? Is your tea drinking habit taking its toll? If your teeth are in need of some TLC and you’re ready to treat yourself to a stunning bright smile, we have the perfect whitening treatments. Our treatments options include home whitening and Enlighten, a system, which combines home whitening with in-chair treatment. Home whitening is extremely convenient and a brilliant option for patients who have very hectic schedules. With this treatment system, you can achieve a gorgeous bright smile without even leaving the house and all you need to do is wear whitening trays, which are specially made to fit your teeth perfectly, for around 14 days. We recommend wearing the trays, which contain bleaching agent, during the night for minimal inconvenience. For those looking for long-lasting, incredibly impressive results, we recommend Enlighten, the world’s best-loved whitening treatment. With Enlighten, you wear bespoke whitening trays at home for 14 days and then come to the clinic for an in-chair treatment, which lasts one hour and gives your teeth a stunning glow. Enlighten is the only system on the market that is guaranteed to achieve the lightest shade, B1, and the process is simple and completely painless. Whitening is a very straightforward and easy way of making your smile look more attractive and youthful and it can really make a difference to your overall appearance, as well as your confidence. White teeth look healthy and as your smile is the first thing most people notice about you, it’s important that you feel confident when you meet new people, speak to others, take to the floor for a work presentation or head out on a date. With our whitening treatments, you could soon be showing off a beautiful new smile; call us today to book your appointment!


Visit Our Essex Teeth Whitening Clinic In Brentford

Spring is upon us and summer is fast approaching, so what better time to treat your smile to a bit of TLC? Our teeth whitening treatments are designed to brighten and lighten your teeth and give you a beautiful, glowing smile. We have tried and tested several different systems to ensure our clients have access to the best whitening services out there and we highly recommend Enlighten. Enlighten hit the dizzy heights after celebrity endorsements and appearances on television makeover shows and now you can enjoy all the benefits of this incredible treatment in the heart of Essex. Enlighten is a system, which combines features of home whitening and in-chair treatment. For the first 14 days of treatment, patients wear a specially designed whitening tray, which is made to measure. The trays contain whitening agent and you can start to see the results straightway. If you wear your trays at night, you can reap the rewards of treatment without it interfering with your normal daily routine or your work or social life. On the 15th day, patients come to the practice for an in-chair treatment, which lasts one hour. The aim of this treatment is to give your smile that final boost. The session is completely painless and we encourage you to relax and unwind. Enlighten produces long-term results and it is the only treatment available on the UK market, which guarantees the lightest shade, known as B1. We have found this treatment to be extremely effective and the risk of side-effects is very low. Often, whitening can cause temporary sensitivity, but with this treatment, this is not an issue you have to worry about. If you’re looking to transform your pearly whites in time for summer, why not give us a call and book your appointment now?