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Choosing Dental Veneers in Chelmsford

If you feel that your teeth are holding you back from being able to truly express yourself because they are looking tired and old, the way to rectify this would be to fork out on dental veneers and in a couple of weeks, you could be back out on the streets of Chelmsford with a renewed vigor. Veneers can make your smile look 20 years younger in no time at all and it’s one of the most popular forms of cosmetic dentistry around today. If your teeth are suffering with the all common signs of ageing, such as gaps appearing between the teeth, discoloration, cracks and chips, or the teeth getting shorter through wear and tear. Veneers will cover all of these problems up and leave you feeling like a Hollywood star. It takes on average 2 weeks for the whole treatment to be completed, because once your teeth have been prepared and moulds taken, the veneers have to be made in a laboratory. In the meantime your dentist will fit you with temporary veneers until the finished articles are ready. On their return, they will be cemented into place and or you go, looking pretty and oozing with confidence! What makes them so attractive is that they can be color coded to match your other teeth whilst adding a beautiful, natural hew to the smile for at least, the next 10 years. Readily available on the NHS too, this is the perfect answer to all your teeth problems! Call 01245 268 494 for a free consultation at Advance Dental Clinic in Chelmsford.

Fix Your Discolored Teeth to Improve Your Social Life, Says Chelmsford Dentist

Having discolored teeth can be a great problem in more ways than one. To start with one will find it very difficult to find romantic partners because stained and yellow teeth will indicate that one does not have good oral hygiene. Prospective employers will also feel the same way, and while one might have the best possible qualifications, this one fact will be held against one self. A person looking for a career in show business or the visual media can forget about it if his or her smile is less than perfectly bright.

A Chelmsford dentist says that people need no longer live with ugly or yellow teeth, and the feelings of low self esteem that come along with it. There are many ways by which a person can brighten a smile and people are reaching for them irrespective of the cost. The cheapest option is bleaching the teeth, but this will rarely work against badly discolored teeth. A person who wants bright colored teeth no matter what the cost can opt for porcelain veneers.

A good dentist can create a set of teeth that look very life like and also have the translucency that real teeth have. They do need to be treated with care since they can chip, but that is only if the person is eating very hard food. The latest trend is for ordinary people to opt for these treatments, and not only celebrities or the really wealthy, because they feel that a bright smile is worth any amount of money. Call 01245 268 494 for a free consultation at Advance Dental Clinic in Chelmsford.

Give your smile a boost with Enlighten teeth whitening at Colchester dentist

If we’re honest we would probably all like to have whiter teeth as they look healthier and improve the appearance of the smile. Most people know about the existence of teeth whitening treatments but few people realise that they are actually very affordable. Teeth whitening started in America in the late seventies and eighties and was often seen as something reserved for movie stars and other rich and famous people. However, teeth whitening has become far more available and affordable and is now within the price range of pretty much everybody.

Teeth whitening systems such as Enlighten are carried out by almost all dentists in the UK and prices start at about £600 per treatment. Obviously, the more extensive the work you have carried out, the more expensive the treatment will be but everybody can benefit form even a single whitening treatment. Enlighten works by applying an active gel to the surface of the teeth in a special tray. This active gel contains the ingredient hydrogen peroxide, which slowly seeps into the tooth enamel, bleaching it and turning it whiter.

The process is completely safe if carried out by a dentist in a surgery. It is possible to buy home whitening kits but it is always best to have the treatment performed by a trained professional. There have been cases of people burning the soft tissue of their mouths with the gel, but with a dentist this is unlikely to happen. Whitening can make teeth up to ten shades whiter, depending on the original condition of the teeth and the consistency of the enamel, which differs from person to person.

Colchester dentists offer tooth whitening to improve the appearance of your smile. This perfectly safe treatment is one of the most affordable yet effective cosmetic dentistry treatments, so give it a try to boost your smile. Call 01245 268 494 for a free consultation at Advance Dental Clinic in Chelmsford.

One visit transformation with porcelain veneers from Harlow dentist

Being happy and confident with your smile can help you to be happy and comfortable with who you are. Our smile is one of the most distinguishing features we have and also one of the most recognisable and important. Unfortunately, there are many problems and issues with our teeth that mean that some people are not happy with them. This could be due to uneven spacing or discolouration, or even perhaps due to worn enamel. But there is a 100 per cent successful way to restore the appearance of damaged teeth that produces perfect results every time.

Porcelain dental veneers are thin ceramic, shell-like caps that are cemented over the top of the existing teeth to produce a more even and clean appearance. Porcelain is used because it resembles very closely the appearance of natural tooth enamel. It even has the translucency, which is such a distinguishing feature of tooth enamel. The veneers are manufactured specifically for your teeth and are incredibly thin. Some modern veneers are so thin they are about the same width as a contact lens. This means that, unlike in the past, little or no natural enamel needs to be removed before the veneers can be fitted. This was always drawback of old veneer technology that has now been overcome. In fact, some modern veneers are so thin they can be fixed over the top of existing dental work.

The veneers are cemented in place using dental bonding, which is also tooth coloured and adds a dimension of protection, which is then matched by the veneers themselves. Porcelain veneers will last up to twenty years of properly maintained, protecting the teeth from any further damage and completely restoring the aesthetic appearance. Harlow dentists are even able to attach the veneers in a single appointment meaning that your smile can be completely transformed in just one visit. Call 01245 268 494 for a free consultation at Advance Dental Clinic in Chelmsford.

The rise of cosmetic dentistry at Billericay dentists

Until relatively recently, people only went to the dentists for purely health reasons, either for a check up or because they had a dental problem that needed treatment. Over the last twenty years or so, a new type of dentistry has emerged that has no direct health benefits but solely aims to improve the appearance of the teeth.

Our teeth, and particularly, our smile are one of the most recognisable and important parts of our appearance so it is vital that we are happy and comfortable with it. But teeth can be affected by many different conditions and problems that spoil their appearance. This could be alignment issues such as crooked or rotated teeth, discolouration or worn enamel. Cosmetic dentistry aims to correct these problems using dental technology to improve or restore the appearance of teeth and make the patient feel more relaxed and confident with how they look. This is becoming ever more important in our image conscious world.

Some of the most popular cosmetic dentistry treatments available from Billericay dentists include teeth whitening, porcelain veneers and cosmetic bonding. Teeth whitening involves placing a whitening agent against the surface enamel of the teeth, This penetrates and bleaches the areas white making the teeth look cleaner and healthier and the patient younger. Teeth whitening is very effective and capable of whitening the teeth by up to ten shades.

Porcelain veneers are one of the most dramatic and effective cosmetic dentistry treatments. It involves placing ceramic caps over the top of the existing teeth to create the impression of clean, white and even teeth. This completely changes your appearance in just a single appointment. This can be an expensive treatment but similar, if less spectacular results, can be achieved by suing cosmetic bonding. Ask your dentist from more information. Call 01245 268 494 for a free consultation at Advance Dental Clinic in Chelmsford.

Replace discoloured teeth with porcelain veneers from Chelmsford dentist

Dental veneers are ceramic shells that are custom made to fit over the top of teeth repairing damage done by injury, erosion or discolouration.

Common tooth injuries that require repair are teeth that are either chipped, cracked or broken due to head trauma from physical injury. Porcelain veneers can restore the structural integrity of the tooth while also enhancing the tooth’s cosmetic appearance. In some instances, such as discoloured or worn teeth, the veneers are for purely cosmetic reasons. A row of veneers across the dental arc can completely change the appearance of teeth in one afternoon. Modern veneers are made form incredibly thin porcelain that replicates the translucent appearance of tooth enamel.

Teeth can become stained or discoloured for a number of reasons. Sometimes it is the result of a hereditary condition or certain medical treatment, but more often than not it is the result of time and certain substances such as tobacco or red wine. Patients with fragile enamel often have teeth that are badly worn which need protecting to prevent further erosion. For all of these concerns, dentists can fit porcelain veneers to restore the integrity and appearance of real teeth.

Previously, porcelain dental veneers needed to be manufactured in laboratory conditions after the dentist had measured the existing teeth using dental moulds and x-rays but modern computer technology has significantly reduced treatment time and accuracy. The latest digital x-rays and 3D imaging means dentists have access to exact three-dimensional representations of the patient’s teeth almost instantly. Using computer-aided technology they can manufacture the veneers in as little as six minutes per tooth. Because modern veneers are so thin they can be fitted over existing teeth with minimal enamel removal. Some modern veneers are also completely removable.

If you are unhappy with the appearance of your teeth, or think on or more of your teeth needs strengthening, ask a Chelmsford dentist about porcelain veneers at your next appointment. Call 01245 268 494 for a free consultation at Advance Dental Clinic in Chelmsford.

Brentwood dentist restores smile with CEREC technology

New technologies in dentistry are bringing about a revolution that is slashing appointment and waiting times as well as vastly improving the standard and accuracy of treatment.

One such technology is CEREC, a state-of-the-art new system that uses the latest in digital x-rays and 3D imaging to create lifelike and perfectly sized crowns and tooth veneers. CEREC stands for CEramic REConstruction and allows dentist to use the latest in computer-aided manufacture and design to create microscopically accurate dental replacements.

For patients with broken, worn or discoloured teeth it is often necessary to use porcelain veneers to repair or cosmetically enhance their teeth. Veneers are thin porcelain shells that fit over existing teeth to create a more healthy appearance. Previously dentists would need to take several dental moulds and x-rays to create an impression of the patient’s mouth. They would then use this to design and manufacture a veneer. This would take place in a laboratory and could take up to two weeks.

With CEREC a dentist can create an instant impression of the patient’s mouth using 3D imaging sensors. They can then use the computer to design a veneer in a matter of minutes. When satisfied with the projection, the dentist then instructs the computer to manufacture the veneer. Milled from a single piece of porcelain, a new veneer can be ready in as little as an incredible six minutes and can be fitted immediately. It is now possible to completely replace a row of patient’s teeth in one session.

CEREC represents the future of cosmetic dentistry. Not only has the time of treatment been reduced by as much as seventy five per cent but patients spend less time in the chair and are subjected to much less discomfort during treatment because there is no need for uncomfortable dental moulds. The standard of treatment has also increased as dramatically. The use of computers means that crowns and veneers can be manufactured to microscopic levels of accuracy. If you are suffering from a cracked or broken tooth, or if you want to restore the appearance of your badly worn or discoloured teeth, ask a Brentwood dentist about revolutionary CEREC technology and you could transform your smile in an afternoon.

Healthy looking teeth with cosmetic dentistry from Chelmsford dentist

Cosmetic dentistry is the process of improving the visual appearance of teeth by performing a variety of dental procedures. With the advances in dental technology over the last two decades the standard and availability of cosmetic dentistry has greatly increased. There are now cosmetic dental treatments available for almost every kind of dental issue meaning that everyone can now have healthy and aesthetically pleasing teeth.

One of the most important factors in the cosmetic appearance of teeth is their colour. Even the straightest and most well proportioned teeth in the world can look unhealthy if they are badly discoloured. Tooth discolouration is a natural process that happens to us all as we get older. Just as our hair loses its natural colour and goes grey, so do our teeth which lose their white appearance. Tooth whitening procedures are able to prevent this discolouration and even reverse it by as much as ten shades. Whitening procedures are always increasing in effectiveness with some of the latest products offering greatly reduced treatment time. Whitening is one of the most effective cosmetic dental practises and because of its affordability it is also one of the most widely practised.

Other common cosmetic complaints are chipped, cracked or broken teeth. Even the smallest break or damage can ruin the cosmetic appearance of teeth not to mention be very painful and cause further dental complications. Damaged teeth can be repaired by using the latest in porcelain crown and veneer technology. Thanks to the advent of digital x-rays and computer aided manufacture, ceramic dental repairs cab now be fabricated in a fraction of the time it took in the past. Porcelain veneers can be milled from a single block in as little as six minutes. For patients with discoloured or worn teeth, whole dental arcs can be replaced with veneers to completely restore the appearance of healthy teeth.

Other cosmetic procedures include constructing dental bridges and implants to artificially replace missing teeth. Again, with the advent of new technologies these procedures have improved greatly both in effectiveness and quality. Dentists in Chelmsford are fully trained to carry out the very latest cosmetic dentistry procedures to give you the perfect smile that you’ve always wanted. Make an appointment today to discuss which procedures may work best for your teeth. Call 01245 268 494  for free consultation with Dr.Moore.