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Cosmetic and health benefits of dental bridge from Epping dentist

A smile can be completely ruined by a missing tooth, no matter how nice the other teeth are, the missing tooth will immediately draw the attention of the eye. This can be a source of great anxiety for people with missing teeth who often seek to replace it with an artificial one from an Epping dentist. There are several options for replacing missing teeth ranging from permanent dental implants to more temporary and removable partial dentures. One other option for restoring the appearance of a smile is a dental bridge.

Missing teeth also need replacing for a number of dental health reasons. Once you have lost one tooth it increases your chances of losing more, especially if the tooth was lost to decay or gum disease in the first place. Vacant spaces in a dental arc are notorious breeding grounds for bacteria as the hollows in the soft gum tissue are very difficult to clean effectively. This increases the chances of further infection spreading around the mouth. Missing teeth also encourage movement of the teeth, which can rotate and lean into available space causing changes in bite and profile. This can cause irreversible damage to the facial tissue and be the cause of nasty jaw and muscular complaints.

Dental bridges solve all of these health problems as well as providing a cosmetic restoration to the smile. The bridge itself consists of an artificial tooth attached by dental crowns or resin bonded strips on either side of the missing tooth. This creates the impression of a full set of teeth without having to replace the whole tooth, root and all. Depending on the condition of the remaining teeth and how well the bridge is cared for it can last for up to twenty years before it will need replacing, and can carry out most of the functions of a real tooth. Call 01245 268 494 for a free consultation at Advance Dental Clinic in Chelmsford.

Replace your missing tooth with dental implant from Epping dentist

For anybody who has lost a tooth from either decay or head trauma, they will tell you that not only can it be a painful experience but that it can also be very embarrassing. Missing teeth are very difficult to disguise and are easily noticeable. This can often be the cause of a loss of self-esteem and self-confidence. It is also important to remember however, that missing teeth can be the source of ongoing dental complications.

When a tooth falls or is knocked out it leaves a space in the dental arc. This space encourages the remaining teeth to move about and lean. This can cause interruptions in the way the top and bottom teeth sit together, known commonly as the bite. This can lead to painful jaw conditions called TMJs and also to subconscious and irritated teeth grinding called bruxism. Both of these conditions can be painful and require long-term dental treatment.

Missing teeth can also cause the facial tissue to sag giving a sunken impression that makes the patient look much older. If not remedied, this tissue sagging may become permanent.

It is therefore very important to replace missing teeth as soon as possible. Some of the options for replacing missing teeth are dental bridges and partial dentures. One of the most popular kinds of artificial teeth replacement is a dental implant. These come in the form of screws that are actually implanted into the jawbone and act as anchors for crowns. Because they are attached to the bone they are sturdier than other forms of dental substitutes and most closely resemble real teeth.

Dental implants take two or three visits to the dentist to fit, depending on the strength of the jaw. The initial implant will be fitted and then left for several weeks to fuse with the bone and gum tissue in a process called osseointergration. Once set, the dentist will then attach a post and crown to complete the implant. It is also possible to fit a series of mini-implants for patients who require dentures.

Dental implants are fast becoming the option of choice for both dentists and patients because of the level of realism that they provide. If you are suffering from a missing tooth or teeth, make an appointment with the dentist and ask about dental implants. Call 01245 268 494 for a free consultation.

Implant stabilised dentures

Today I saw 2 patients who have dramatically improved their quality of life with a very simple procedure.

We use just 2 dental implants to anchor a lower full denture in place, holding it firmly during eating and talking to enable the patient to carry on life as if they had their own teeth back in place.  This cost effective treatment is available now at Advance Dental Clinic, please call us if you would like further information

Quick dental implant saves holiday!

This week a patient from Chelmsford was referred to the practice with a loose front crown. He had a holiday booked for 2 weeks on Sunday so was desperate to get the front tooth fixed before his holiday. Unfortunatley the tooth required removal so we arranged the treatment today where we removed the tooth very carefully and fitted an implant and a provisional tooth at the same time, in time for his holiday in the Alps.

Immediate dental implants

Today we saw a delightful lady from Ongar who had fractured an upper tooth below the gum line. The tooth could not be saved so after taking a CT scan of the area we carefully removed the tooth and placed a dental implant. We then made a provisional tooth and fitted it to the implant to fill the space. To find out more about dental implants visit our dedicated site

Same day teeth

This week a gentleman from Suffolk attended requesting we replace his loose upper denture with fixed teeth. After extensive planning we constructed a computer guide to place 6 implants in the upper jaw. We then fitted a pre-made provisional bridge, all on the same appointment carried out under local anaesthetic.

Denture to a fixed teeth in 1 hour

Today a patient form Sudbury in Suffolk came to the practice and received 6 implants withoput the need to open the gum. We used a precise computer generated guide to place the implants using a key hole approach to minimise any discomfort over Christmas. the whole procedure took around 1 hour to complete and the patient who arrived with a full upper denture left with a fixed upper bridge.

Fixed teeth in 1 hour

Today at the practice Andrew saw a patient from Kent who needed all her upper teeth removed because of persistent gum infections. The lady was quite nervous so we carried out the implant treatment under intra-venous sedation with our Anaesthetist, Ingrid. The whole treatment took only 1 hour to complete and the patient left the surgery with a brand new smile held with 6 implants.