Porcelain crowns from Advance dental clinic are effective solution to dental decay

If you are ashamed of your smile because you have a broken down or damaged tooth, you ought to consider having porcelain crowns fitted.  The benefits of being able to smile in a relaxed fashion will be immediately felt and you will find that social occasions are easier. Porcelain crowns effectively conceal unsightly broken down or damaged teeth and give the wearer a natural look.

Beyond the fact that broken teeth can look unattractive, they can also compromise your ability to eat, drink and even talk.  But not matter how broken down a tooth might be, porcelain crowns can be fitted over them. An added benefit is that, if the tooth which needs covering has painful cavities then a porcelain crown can be fitted over the top and protect you from the sensitivity which would otherwise ensue.

Given that some of the surrounding or remaining tooth might have to be removed in order for the porcelain crown to be fitted, porcelain crowns are not especially recommended for those with dull or stained teeth.  They do offer an effective cover for discoloured teeth but many prefer the less invasive procedure of teeth whitening kits for this purpose.


Once used for the replacement of damaged teeth, porcelain crowns are now being used for perfecting the smiles of patients in Essex. Gaps between the teeth or crooked teeth have a major effect on self-esteem, however both of these problems can be fixed with the help of porcelain crowns. The smile is the most important facial expression and being insecure about the look of your smile can seriously damage your self-confidence and self-worth. This can have a major negative impact on the overall quality of a person’s life. Many may have lost key jobs due to their lack of self-confidence caused by imperfect smiles and for many this may have been a major obstacle in starting a relationship.

Porcelain crowns are easy to fit and begin with the dentist examining your mouth and finding what is needed to help you achieve the perfect smile. The dentist will then give you the best recommendations and you can together develop a plan.

Once a plan is finalised, the dentist will then take a mould of your teeth, which will be the guide for the dentist and the lab in regards to the size and the shape of the teeth they design for you.  Once the crowns are made you will need to visit the dentist again in order to receive the crowns.  At this point the dentist will shave down the teeth that will be fitted with the crown. The shaving will make the teeth smaller and will also give them the necessary surface texture required to effectively bond with the crown. Once the teeth are cleaned, the crowns will then be bonded to the teeth. Once completely bonded, your teeth will look natural and you will be able to drink and eat as usual.

The shade of porcelain is carefully selected to match the shade of the existing teeth, which will make them look very natural and unnoticeable. Once the process is complete, not only will your smile become attractive, but it will also help your confidence, giving you the courage to speak face to face with people. With increased confidence and a bright smile, you will be able to achieve more than earlier and will see an increase in the quality of your life.

At Advance Dental Clinic, we are proud to offer an extensive list of cosmetic dental treatment. With Christmas and a brand new year approaching, now could be the perfect time to treat your pearly whites to some TLC.

Our cosmetic dental treatments

Cosmetic dentistry is an exciting area of dentistry that deals with the aesthetic of the smile. Thanks to innovations and advances in technology, we are able to offer amazing treatments to transform dull and damaged teeth into bright and beautiful pearly whites. We offer an array of cosmetic treatments, including:

  • Teeth whitening: we offer simple and convenient home whitening, as well as Enlighten deep bleaching treatment. Home whitening involves wearing custom-made trays, containing bleaching agent, for a period of around 6 hours per day for 10-14 days. Enlighten combines a 14-day period of home whitening with an one-hour power whitening session, which takes place at the clinic. With Enlighten, you can expect amazing results that will last for many years.
  • Veneers, including Lumineers by Cerinate: we offer porcelain veneers and Lumineers by Cerinate. veneers are very thin tooth-shaped shells placed onto the natural teeth to produce a beautiful new smile. Lumineers are different to traditional veneers because they are made from a patented ceramic material. This material is very strong and hard-wearing.
  • Porcelain crowns: porcelain crowns are designed to strengthen and restore broken and decayed teeth, while also improving the look of the tooth.
  • Dental bridges: bridges are a popular choice for replacing lost teeth. They are custom-designed and can be made from many different materials, including ceramics, to produce a very natural look. Bridges are usually used to replace a single lost tooth.
  • Dental implants: dental implants are a modern tooth replacement treatment. They replace the tooth root and are compatible with bridges, dentures and crowns, making them hugely versatile.
  • Smile makeover: we offer a bespoke smile makeover service, which combines individual treatments and services to create an incredible new smile. We can use any of the treatment listed above to address flaws and produce the smile of your dreams.

If you’re interested in cosmetic dentistry, call us today and book a consultation!

If you’re one of these people that feel you can barely fit anymore into an already overcrowded day, you probably haven’t the time to think much about getting your teeth into shape with a little bit of cosmetic dentistry on the side. But think again, because those wonderful dental scientists have caught up with the needs of the modern world and come up with something just for the likes of you in Basildon- CEREC. Not satisfied with just inventing beautiful cosmetic dentistry ideas such as crowns veneers, white fillings, etc, which would normally take a reasonable few weeks to measure up and fix, no, they have now put together all the latest technology, such as computers, digital imaging and a good old fashioned milling machine to come up with a system that will reduce those few weeks to around 90 minute at the most! That’s from start to finish as well! In reality, you book up the appointment (probably do that on line now too!), then you go along and have some digital images taken of the bits and pieces you need doing. Whilst the dentist is getting your teeth ready for your fitting, the images would have been fed, via a computer into the milling machine to make your new fitting automatically. Then, it is cemented into place and out you walk. Of course, any slight alterations can be made on the spot to ensure a perfect fit and a perfect new tooth. Got time now? Call 01245 268 494 for a free consultation at Advance Dental Clinic in Chelmsford.