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Restorative Dental Treatments to Restore Your Smile

Teeth are built to last a lifetime, but often the stresses and strains of everyday life coupled with injuries and accidents can take its toll and it’s common for the teeth to become worn, chipped and broken. Decay can also result in damage to the teeth. If your teeth need some TLC and bit of patching up, we have a range of restorative treatments on offer.

Our treatments

We offer a comprehensive range of dental restorations, from cosmetic bonding and white fillings to crowns, veneers, dental bridges and dental implants. Whether you have a chipped tooth, a broken tooth or a missing tooth, we have a solution.

Fillings and crowns

Fillings are designed to fill cavities (holes in the teeth). White fillings are made from dental composite, which matches the natural colour of the teeth and strengthens them without having a negative impact on the look of the smile. Crowns are recommended when more intensive treatment is needed and a tooth is broken, severely decayed or injured extensively. Crowns are also called caps because they sit over the top of your tooth. Porcelain crowns blend in with the colour of the teeth and are a popular choice. Other materials include precious and non-precious metals.

Dental bridges and implants

If you have a missing tooth, it is likely that your dentist will advise you to have treatment to replace the tooth. This is because missing teeth increases the risk of oral health problems as well as affecting speech and the look of the smile. We have various options available for patients who have lost teeth, including dental bridges and dental implants.

Dental bridges are a popular option for patients with a single missing tooth. They are made from a false tooth secured by a crown on either side. Bridges are more affordable than implants and the procedure is less invasive.

Dental implants are a long-term solution for lost teeth. They are designed to last a lifetime and offer excellent aesthetics as well as the same level of functionality as healthy, natural teeth.

The Benefits Of Having A Crown

When your teeth are weak and prey to breaking or cracking there are restorative treatments available to stop the problems getting any worse. If you have a tooth which is weakened, and prone to breaking or infection it may be worth having a dental crown. Your dentist will tell you if they believe a crown would benefit you and explain the process to you.A crown is a restorative treatment for damaged or weak back teeth. It is normally made from porcelain and are like caps fitted over the entire tooth to protect it and shield it from further damage. Crown are also used when having a dental bridge. The crowns are attached either side of the false tooth. They are them attached to the healthy teeth either side of the missing teeth to hold it in place. Crown treatment can stop further complications occurring. If you tooth is damaged and weak it can get infected, large parts could break off and you could end up needing an extraction. A crown will give your weak tooth the ability to function like a strong durable normal molar, leaving your bite intact. This means that you will be able to eat whatever hard foods you choose again, without worrying about how it will affect your tooth. As crowns are made from porcelain we can make sure that it blends in with the colour of the rest of your teeth. During the process we would prepare the tooth ready for the crown, fit the crown in place and shape it ready for everyday wear and tear. If you would like to know more about crown treatment, get in touch with Advance Dental Clinic today. We can book you in for a crown consultation and you can find out if this is the best treatment for you and your teeth.

Tooth Restoration With Dental Crowns For Patients Near Braintree

The teeth are strong and sturdy, but occasionally they need running repairs. If your tooth is infected, broken or damaged as a result of oral disease, an accident or a sports injury, we can provide restorative treatment to strengthen and protect the tooth and enable you to enjoy eating and chatting without any pain. Our crowns are made from the highest quality materials and we are able to offer same-day treatment using Cerec as well as crowns crafted by skilled dental technicians. Crowns are sometimes referred to as caps because they sit over the top of the tooth and they are usually recommended when a tooth is infected, the cavity is too large for a filling, the tooth has been weakened by decay or the tooth is broken as a result of trauma or an injury. Crowns are also commonly fitted following root canal treatment and dental implant treatment. Each crown is custom-made to make sure that it fits over the top of the natural tooth and the tooth is prepared in advance of the placement of the crown; this involves removing the decayed or damaged tissue and shaping the tooth. With a crown in place, the tooth will be stronger and more resistant to damage in the future and there will be a reduced risk of any infections spreading through the tooth to the root canals. Our crowns and durable and robust and they should last for around 10 years if they are cared for well; although the material used to make the crown cannot decay, it is possible for the tooth tissue where the crown joints the natural tooth to decay, so good oral hygiene is essential. We can use a variety of different materials to create crowns, including ceramics, which produce beautiful, natural aesthetics.