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Why Six Monthly Check-Ups are So Important

It is important for everyone to make a visit to his or her dentist at least once every six months, to prevent the causes of tooth decay and gum disease along with a number of other dental health problems that can developed unnoticed in the mouth.


Tooth decay occurs when holes form in part of the enamel of your tooth, mainly due to a build up of plaque. Plaque contains bacteria, which ultimately react with the sugars and starch present in food to form acids. These acids can attack the teeth for up to half an hour after eating and are held to the teeth by the plaque. This then leads to the acids dissolving the tooth enamel, causing the tooth to become decayed. This can result in the need for fillings, crowns and inlays and there may even be cause for the tooth to be removed.


Gum disease occurs when the tissues surrounding the teeth become infected or inflamed. This is usually caused by plaque, which contains many different forms of bacteria. Gum disease is generally broken down into two categories: Gingivitis, which is the inflammation of the gums and Periodontitis, a progressed form of Gingivitis, which affects the tissues joining the teeth and gums. Gum disease is the most common cause of tooth loss in adults and is a major cause of bad breath.


You can help prevent problems like this by employing a good dental hygiene routine, which should include: brushing regularly, cleaning your tongue, using mouthwash, flossing, not smoking and maintaining a healthy diet. Even if you do maintain a good level of oral hygiene it is still important to visit your dentist, because they are able to spot the problems you cannot see or feel.

If you would like a dental hygienist session to thoroughly clean your teeth please feel free to book an appointment at Advance Dental Clinic.

Routine Dental Check-Ups to Keep Your Oral Health in Top Condition

We all know that our teeth are one of the most important parts of our bodies. Why not when they are the key element to a dazzling smile, and who doesn’t want one of those? But, in order to make sure that your smile is perfect you should have a regular check-up, because even though your smile may look good to you there could be serious underlying problems. These can have a serious effect on the teeth and ruin your smile later on.

The routine dental visit

When you have finished eating, plaque starts to build up on your teeth within 15 minutes. If this is not removed thoroughly and effectively then it can lead to tooth decay, which will flourish if not treated correctly.

Tooth decay itself is the most common of all health disorders and, believe it or not, is second only to the cold. It is caused due to the acid of the plaque left on the teeth liquefying the enamel and this then leads to cavities (holes) in the teeth, which result in tooth decay. These cavities can be painless and remain undetected at first but can result in the nerve and blood vessels in the tooth being destroyed. Ultimately, it can result in the loss of your tooth and a great deal of pain.


If you go for regular dental check-ups then this can be avoided, because cavities can be detected in their early stages during a routine check-up, as they may show up on x-rays before they are even detectable to the naked eye.

There are other issues as well, such as periodontitis and gingivitis, which can occur by not treating your teeth properly; you may not even be aware of them until it is too late. So make sure you make regular visits to your dentist to keep your teeth in check, because you don’t want to lose that wonderful smile now do you?

Why you should get a Check-up in Epping

It is often very difficult to find time to do the things you should be doing when you are working in a bustling little town like Epping, and normally, the appointment that always suffers is the dental check-up. Some people think that because they have the latest and greatest oral products at home in the bathroom, they can get away with missing the odd check-up: that could be their undoing. For all of your efforts when cleaning your teeth, there are places you won’t be able to get to; your dentist will though. At a check-up, they can give you a thorough MOT, with a quick x-ray, a probe around every nook and cranny and if there’s a problem, repair you straight away: your teeth will be scaled and then polished and you will leave feeling refreshed. But also remember, use this time to express any concerns you may have about your oral health or things that you are having trouble with; maybe you fancy having some done cosmetically to cheer up your smile. Please, for many reasons, do not avoid a dental check-up, they are there for your health, but if you want to know more about the benefits, just ask Advance Dental over in Chelmsford- they will tell you all about how to use your time at the dentists, and they serve the town. Call 01245 268 494 for a free consultation at Advance Dental Clinic in Chelmsford.


Checking-in for a Dental Check-up in Epping

Unless you are harbouring a serious phobia that is stopping you getting along to your dentist, then there is no excuse for missing a dental check-up and you would be very stupid to do so. The mouth is very complex and even though you might think that you have got your oral hygiene down to a fine art, your mouth is constantly vulnerable to attacks from bacteria and plaque that can spread like wildfire and lead to disease in the gums and decay in the teeth. By having a bi-annual check-up, it is enough time to stop anything major going wrong- unless you have really let yourself go over the 6 months. The priority for your dentist is to first check out the condition of your teeth and gums give you an x-ray, a little scrub up and then send you on your way. If something minor does show up, then it can be rectified on the spot. More serious problems can be loaned out to specialists. But a dental check-up should not all be one way traffic from your dentist as this is the time for you to have your say. Advance Dental Clinic serves in the Epping area and can give you all the information and advice you need about check-ups. Call 01245 268 494 for a free consultation at Advance Dental Clinic in Chelmsford.


Dental check-ups in Epping, keep yours up-to-date visit advance dental of chelmsford

Dental check-ups are important, there is no denying that. So why is visiting the dentist still so far down on people’s list of priories? Perhaps it is a dental phobia that keeps you away from your local clinic in Epping, or maybe you believe you just do not have the time. Either way there are no excuses and through an Advance Dental Clinic of Chelmsford consultation you can learn how dental check-ups are the only way to ensure you prevent the onset of gum disease, tooth decay and painful dental conditions.

Your dentist is trained to observe any problems you may be experiencing in your mouth. Bacteria and plaque are invisible to the naked eye so inspecting your pearly whites in the mirror is no where near a good enough substitute for a visit to your dentist.

Gum disease and tooth decay are caused by the bacteria in your mouth, your dentist is the only one who can advise you properly on how to remove such bacteria, what to eat to avoid cavities and fillings and what treatment you may need to solve any dental issues you may be suffering from. Neglecting these visits may eventually lead to tooth loss as the early detection of oral problems is the only way to ensure they are stopped in time.

Whatever your excuses for not visiting the dentist are, forget them. Your oral hygiene is too important to neglect, make and appointment with your dentist every six months and you will be able to say that you are providing the best care for your teeth. Call 01245 268 494 for a free consultation at Advance Dental Clinic in Chelmsford.

Dentist in Braintree Addresses the Importance of a Dental Visit for Your Dental Health

Visiting your dentist at least twice a year is very important to maintaining a good oral health. At a typical dental visit, you should expect to see a dental hygienist as well as your dentist. The dental hygienist will do a rudimentary check of your gums and teeth, then do a cleaning and polishing. Cleaning removes any hardened plaque on your teeth, especially the calculus below the gum line. Calculus can only be removed by your dentist and does not respond to brushing from home. Polishing your teeth further removes any plaque and surface stains. Your teeth will feel squeaky clean after a good rinse following these two procedures. When you see the hygienist, it is a good opportunity to ask for any tips about brushing and flossing better at home. Your dentist will step in after your hygienist has finished. Your dentist may require x-rays to make certain there are no cavities. If any problems are discovered, your dentist will be able to discuss treatment options with you, including referrals to a specialist. Keep your dentist updated on your medical history and let your dentist know if there are any changes to your overall health. Bring a list of any medicines you take including dosages. A dental visit in Braintree is a necessary, beneficial, and easy experience so don’t put it off. Call 01245 268 494 for a free consultation at Advance Dental Clinic in Chelmsford.

Dentists in Epping emphasise the importance of having regular dental check ups at the surgery

When it comes to your oral health, you shouldn’t go it alone. Make sure your dentist is involved in the hygiene of your mouth by going to see him or her every six months. The importance of this is that a potentially serious dental ailment might be developing that you have not noticed. Your dentist is expert in all areas of your oral hygiene and should be able to spot the early signs of something that a layman can miss.

By using their expertise your dentist can tell about the effectiveness of your brushing and flossing regime by looking at the state of your teeth. He or she can then advise you appropriately if it is felt that you can improve the way that you carry out your home oral care routine. This is very helpful because it is always better to avoid a potentially damaging condition before it can cause any harm.

Dental check ups are not usually lengthy affairs and can easily be fitted in on a lunch break or without having to take too much time off work at all. But during this visit to the dentist he or she will be looking out for the development of cavities in teeth, should they need to be filled. They will also check the health of your gums to see if they are becoming inflamed. Cancer of the mouth is looked out for too because an early diagnosis of this nasty condition means that the chances of successful treatment and elimination are significantly raised.

Register with a dentist in Epping if you have not already done so. It will be worth it if you can avoid any bothersome dental problems. Call 01245 268 494 for a free consultation at Advance Dental Clinic in Chelmsford.

General Dentistry in Colchester

When you pay a visit to your dentist for a regular check-up in Colchester, you may have noticed that they seem to repeat the same procedures that you had at your last appointment. They will work their way around your mouth methodically, calling out strange numbers to their assistant, whilst they poke and pull at your teeth with a sharp tool, checking for any loose teeth or fillings. They will check the condition if your teeth and if they suspect anything, give you an x-ray. You may have the odd filling to stop tooth decay, and then, content with the fact that you are in full working order, they will then de-scale any plaque or tartar build up, give you a quick polish, and then send you on your way. This whole process is the essence of the main directives laid down in general dentistry. A dentist’s overriding rule is to find any problems in your mouth and then fix them. Every appointment you have allows them to build up a profile of your mouth, so that they can administer the correct treatment in the future and maintain good oral health in you, and other patients. These are the basics of dentistry. Of course, armed with all this information about you, also allows them to make professional judgements on more specialist procedures you may need such as cosmetic treatments like veneers, crowns, implants, braces or root canals. They may refer you elsewhere, along with your profile, so that you get the best possible treatment to keep you and your mouth healthy. Call 01245 268 494 for a free consultation at Advance Dental Clinic in Chelmsford.

Dental check ups available with Epping dentists to ensure long term oral hygiene

Regular visits to a dentist are vital in maintaining the health of your mouth. Check ups with specialists help ensure that you have no problems with your teeth or gums and, if you do, that they can be treated quickly before they develop. The benefits of having a healthy mouth are obvious: pain-free eating, drinking and talking and a confident smile. Make an appointment for a dental check up today.

Regular flossing and brushing at home is very important too. You ought to brush your teeth for three minutes twice a day and floss to reach the parts that your brush is unable to. But this must be complimented with a visit to your dentist every six months. Ninety per cent of us will suffer from gum disease at some point in our lives, proof of how important it is for us to make sure we see a dental professional on a regular basis.

Your Epping dentist can help you have a lifetime of good oral health. At your dental check up, the dentist will thoroughly examine your teeth and gums for any sign of disease. Dentists are trained in how to spot oral cancer and make early diagnosis and effective treatment possible. Visiting them every six months lessens your chances of having to undergo any invasive procedures as problems are more likely to be spotted early.

Even if you have not had appointment in several years and now feel embarrassed about the state of your mouth, don’t hesitate to contact your Epping dentist to make an appointment for a check up. Call 01245 268 494 for a free consultation at Advance Dental Clinic in Chelmsford.

Dental check ups at Epping can help detect oral cancer

The two fundamental principles of good dental health are effective oral hygiene and regular dental check ups. The two are complimentary and go hand in hand to keep your teeth and mouth in the best shape possible. One without the other will lead to problems in the short and long-term that may involve pain, tooth loss and possibly great expense.

Effective dental hygiene involves thorough teeth cleaning by brushing and flossing at home. Epping dentists can give you more information on effective teeth cleaning which will help to reduce the risk of gum disease and tooth decay. Some basic principles include brushing your teeth with a soft bristled brush for three minutes twice a day, making sure to also gently clean the gums. This will remove the majority of bacteria and plaque that coats the teeth after eating. Also, floss once a day to remove bacteria from the hard to reach places like the gaps between the teeth and areas around their bases.

However, even the most effective oral hygiene routine can succumb to the dangers of dental disease. One of the problems we have is that no matter how well we clean our teeth it is always the areas that we cannot clean effectively that are affected by dental problems. This is why it is so important to see a dentist every six months for a check up appointment. This will ensure that all the areas of your mouth are cleaned and checked for the signs of decay and disease. Early detection of dental disease will limit the damage it causes and allows the dentist to take measures to protect the teeth and gums from further damage.

Dentists are also able to check for the signs and symptoms of other oral conditions such as oral cancer as a routine part of a check up appointment. Call 01245 268 494 for a free consultation at Advance Dental Clinic in Chelmsford.