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Four Reasons There is Hope for Those with Missing Teeth

Do you have a missing tooth or a number of missing teeth? Many people who have lost a tooth are self-conscious about showing off their smile. It can be distressing to lose teeth, but there are some incredible replacement options out there. With these treatments, you can reap the rewards of a natural-looking, functional smile once again. Here are 4 reasons to have hope if you have gaps in your smile.

  1. Dental bridges: dental bridges are an incredible solution for people who have lost a tooth or a small number of teeth. Bridges come in various different styles, and they can be used to fill gaps at the front and back of the mouth. The most commonly used bridge is a traditional fixed bridge, which is made from a false tooth fused to a crown on each side. Bridges are often made from ceramics and they look very lifelike. Although bridges aren’t a permanent solution, they should last up to 15 years. Bridges can be fitted in 2 appointments, which are usually 2 weeks apart.
  2. Implants: dental implants are a long-term option for patients with missing teeth. Implants replace the tooth root, and they are anchored into the jaw bone. Once the implant has settled, it can be attached to a crown, a bridge or a denture. Implants are the most expensive option, but they last for many years and they offer unrivalled levels of functionality. Implant treatment usually takes 4-9 months.
  3. Same-day implants: same-day implants offer a speedy alternative to traditional implant treatment. Systems like All-on-4 enable us to fit the implants and your new teeth on the same day, enabling you to enjoy your new smile much sooner.
  4. Dentures: dentures are sets of prosthetic teeth, which are designed to look and function like natural teeth. We can provide you with partial dentures for a small number of missing teeth or a full denture for a complete arch. Dentures are among the cheapest options.

If you have missing teeth, and you’d like to learn more about our incredible tooth replacement options, don’t hesitate to get in touch! A brand new smile could be just around the corner!

Bridging the Gap Between Teeth With High Quality Dental Bridges

Do you have a missing tooth? Missing teeth can affect the look of the smile, but they can also have negative implications for your oral health and your confidence. We highly recommend replacing lost teeth and we have some excellent options available, including high-quality dental bridges.

About dental bridges

Dental bridges quite literally bridge the gap between natural teeth when a tooth has been lost through injury or oral disease. The aim of the bridge is to provide a natural looking replacement tooth and improve the aesthetic of the smile. There are various types of bridges available, and the type of bridge will often depend on the location of the gap. In most cases, a traditional fixed bridge is the best option. This type of bridge is made from a false tooth, known as a pontic, which is fused to a crown on either side. The false tooth is usually designed to match the natural teeth perfectly using porcelain or other ceramic materials.

What does treatment involve?

Fitting a bridge usually requires two appointments. During the first session, your dentist will create the mould for your bridge. This is to ensure that it fits perfectly for a seamless finish. Once your bespoke bridge has been created, it will be sent back to us and we will fit it during your second appointment. The procedure is painless.

The advantages of a dental bridge

Dental bridges offer a fantastic option for patients who have lost natural teeth. Bridges can be made from materials to match the natural teeth, they last up to 15 years and the procedure is much faster and less complex than dental implants. Bridges are also significantly cheaper than implants.

Why a Bridge is Beneficial for Your Missing Teeth

It’s possible to lose teeth at any age and we strongly recommend tooth replacement for all our patients. Losing a tooth can be distressing, but there are some amazing treatment options out there to restore your smile and your confidence. One popular solution is a dental bridge. This simple, effective treatment literally bridges the gap between two teeth and will enable you to speak, eat and smile without any worries at all.

About dental bridges

Dental bridges are a type of restoration used most commonly to replace a single missing tooth. There are different types of bridge available, but the most common is a traditional fixed bridge. This type of bridge is made from a prosthetic tooth fused to a new crown on either side. The bridge is placed in the gap and after treatment, you will be able to use the tooth in exactly the same way as a natural tooth.

Bridges can be created using various different materials and they are bespoke to ensure a perfect fit. We often recommend porcelain bridges, as the tooth blends in with the natural teeth for a seamless aesthetic. Provided they are well cared-for, bridges should last up to 15 years.

The benefits of bridges

Losing a tooth doesn’t just impact your confidence and the look of your smile. Gaps can also increase the risk of dental health issues, affect your ability to eat properly and cause the remaining teeth to shift out of position. If you lose more than one tooth, you may also find that your speech is affected and your facial appearance is altered, as the teeth provide support for the lips and cheeks.

Bridges are a simple and quick way of restoring the smile and they enable you to enjoy all the benefits of a healthy set of natural teeth.

If you have missing teeth and are looking for a straightforward solution, call us today!

Take a Peek at Our Extensive List of Cosmetic Dental Treatments

At Advance Dental Clinic, we are proud to offer an extensive list of cosmetic dental treatment. With Christmas and a brand new year approaching, now could be the perfect time to treat your pearly whites to some TLC.

Our cosmetic dental treatments

Cosmetic dentistry is an exciting area of dentistry that deals with the aesthetic of the smile. Thanks to innovations and advances in technology, we are able to offer amazing treatments to transform dull and damaged teeth into bright and beautiful pearly whites. We offer an array of cosmetic treatments, including:

  • Teeth whitening: we offer simple and convenient home whitening, as well as Enlighten deep bleaching treatment. Home whitening involves wearing custom-made trays, containing bleaching agent, for a period of around 6 hours per day for 10-14 days. Enlighten combines a 14-day period of home whitening with an one-hour power whitening session, which takes place at the clinic. With Enlighten, you can expect amazing results that will last for many years.
  • Veneers, including Lumineers by Cerinate: we offer porcelain veneers and Lumineers by Cerinate. veneers are very thin tooth-shaped shells placed onto the natural teeth to produce a beautiful new smile. Lumineers are different to traditional veneers because they are made from a patented ceramic material. This material is very strong and hard-wearing.
  • Porcelain crowns: porcelain crowns are designed to strengthen and restore broken and decayed teeth, while also improving the look of the tooth.
  • Dental bridges: bridges are a popular choice for replacing lost teeth. They are custom-designed and can be made from many different materials, including ceramics, to produce a very natural look. Bridges are usually used to replace a single lost tooth.
  • Dental implants: dental implants are a modern tooth replacement treatment. They replace the tooth root and are compatible with bridges, dentures and crowns, making them hugely versatile.
  • Smile makeover: we offer a bespoke smile makeover service, which combines individual treatments and services to create an incredible new smile. We can use any of the treatment listed above to address flaws and produce the smile of your dreams.

If you’re interested in cosmetic dentistry, call us today and book a consultation!

Filling up the holes with a Dental Bridge in Chelmsford

You are lucky in Chelmsford that the city has a wonderful dental industry, backed up by the Advance dental clinic that can offer the best advice on anything dental. This is particularly comforting if you have suffered from some form of tooth loss, as it can be a turbulent and stressful time. But it is something you should aim to overcome as quickly as you can, as any loss of this nature can lead to further complications from infection and movement in your other teeth. Dental bridges have been solving this problem for many years now and especially since it has been combined with modern dental implant technology, it truly has become a strong and durable option to take a look at. Some bridges involve bonding the bridge to the surrounding teeth with resins and wires, but as has already been said, implants has improved the bridge immensely and if your loss has occurred amid a line of other teeth, then though the bridge may be cemented onto adjacent teeth, locking it onto an implant in the middle of the bridge will give it more security and anchorage. This can also be used at the back of the mouth where this type of bridge has only one tooth to be cemented onto, for the implant can be used as the other anchor. Prices vary, especially if you choose to combine your bridge with an implant, but if you learn to clean them properly and look after them, you can get a good 20 years wear from them. Call 01245 268 494 for a free consultation at Advance Dental Clinic in Chelmsford.

Dental Bridges in with Adavance Dental Clinic in Chelmsford

Tooth loss is a traumatic experience for any individual. Regardless of how the tooth was lost (decay, blow to the jaw etc), it can result in a significant decrease in self-confidence. Not only may it affect the appearance of your smile, it can alter the way you speak, make chewing more difficult and even strain the teeth on either side of your gap, causing them to lean toward each other and trap plaque and food debris.

In cases such as these, a bridge, can be used to fill the gap left by the missing tooth. It is a permanent solution to missing teeth as, unlike dentures, it is anchored into the jaw at multiple sites using a resin or cement. A dental bridge should last 10 -15 years, if cared for correctly.

Fitting a bridge will require at least two visits to your dentist in Chelmsford. The first visit, as always, requires preparatory work to be completed. New crowns must be made space for, and a mould of your teeth must be taken. Your bridge will be produced from this mould. On the second visit, your bridge will be fitted and the bite determined through adjustment. Sometimes, your dentist will not permanently fix your bridge until you have been happy with the fit for several weeks.

Cleaning and flossing should be of vital importance to you once your bridge has been fitted. Even the best bridge will still have gaps around the tooth and it is in these gaps that bacteria and debris can gather. It is therefore essential that you maintain a good dental regime in order to reduce the risk of any further decay and disease. Call 01245 268 494 for a free consultation at Advance Dental Clinic in Chelmsford.


Choosing a Dental Bridge in Maldon

There are many proven techniques in dentistry that have lasted the test of time since they were introduced and have evolved into a tried and tested procedure- dental bridges fit into that category. If you’ve lost a tooth or two, this method would be a way of replacing them and most dentists in Maldon will be able to do this. For the overall health of the mouth and teeth, it’s important to replace a missing tooth; a gap harbors bacteria, other teeth can move into it and it can lead to problems such as gum disease and even further tooth loss. Normally, a bridge should last you a good 10-15 years if looked after and frees you to carry on life as normal; they do require a more intense cleaning program though, with specially designed brushes- a process that your dentist will inform you of once it has been fitted. The most common of bridges is where the new tooth is bonded onto two crowns and attached to the adjacent teeth. This is a very solid fixture and has to accept the normal forces that are placed on the rest of the mouth from chewing and biting, but with the introduction of the mini-implant, this has helped to anchor it firmly into place, along with the normal bonding process. Another type of bridge is used when there is only one tooth to bond to, being attached by wire and resin, though these are starting to be superseded by dental implants. But bridges are still very reasonably priced compared to other treatments and are available on the NHS. Call 01245 268 494 for a free consultation at Advance Dental Clinic in Chelmsford.

Maldon dentists and dental bridges: find out about this tried and tested method of replacing lost teeth

For as long as human beings have been on the earth they have lost teeth and as long as human beings have lost teeth they have sought to replace them. Admittedly, far fewer teeth are lost in the modern era as general health and medical standards have improved but accidents can still happen and unexpected gum disease can rob people of one or more of their teeth. Early, ingenious attempts involved using the teeth of animals or bits of flint.

We have come a long way since then and now there is a variety of ways to replace your lost teeth and achieve full functionality in the mouth. From affordable dentures to the permanent and stable solution of dental implants, patients are faced with a choice if they need a tooth replacing.

Through all the changes that have occurred in dentistry with the improvement of dentures and the advent of dental implants, dental bridges have retained their popularity. Having a dental bridge installed essentially means that replacement tooth will be secured to the surrounding natural teeth using strong dental composite. Dental bridges have the strength and stability of dental implants without the invasive surgery.

Even if there is only one tooth which the false tooth can be secure to, dental bridges can still be effective. If you have lost a front tooth, your dentist will construct the bridge in such a way that it is conceal and you have an especially discreet finish.

More permanent than dentures and more affordable than dental implants, dental bridges are worth asking your Maldon dentist about if you have lost a tooth and want the problem rectified successfully. Call 01245 268 494 for a free consultation at Advance Dental Clinic in Chelmsford.

Mini Implants come to Colchester

When mini-implants first came on the dental scene, they were generally used as a temporary device to settle the mouth and allow the gums to heal before the larger cousin could be fitted. However, being a third of the price and just as durable, they soon found a use of their own and are used all around Colchester in a varying number of dental procedures. Unlike their bigger relative, they are a lot easier to fit into the jaw. In fact, with modern laser surgery, they can be fitted and used in the same day. Before mini-implants, fixings such as bridges and dentures were a tad fragile in the mouth, seeing as they are both exposed to the normal pressures that the mouth goes through when chewing and biting. Both relied on adhesives to keep them in place. When it comes to dentures especially, these were a constant threat to the wearer as they were always liable to fall out at the most inappropriate times, i.e. when eating a hearty meal. Mini implants have all but put a halt to those problems. Aside from using cement to secure a bridge, a mini-implant can also click it into place for extra security. But it’s their use with dentures that they have proven their worth. Along with more finite materials used in the manufacture of dentures and the adhesives available, dentures can now also be held into place with mini-implants that hold the dentures true and firm against the gums, rewarding the wearer of modern dentures a quality and freedom of lifestyle un-afforded to previous generations. Call 01245 268 494 for a free consultation at Advance Dental Clinic in Chelmsford.

Dental bridges from Basildon dentists replace lost teeth

It is very important that lost teeth are replaced, whether you suffered from an accident or suffered tooth loss from decay or disease. The remaining teeth may begin to shift into the gap and eating and drinking can become painful. Your confidence might suffer from knowing that there is a gap in your smile, leaving you nervous about talking and smiling in social situations.

Dental bridges are an effective way to rectify the problem of tooth loss and they come in three varieties. In the case of a traditional or fixed bridge, a false tooth (commonly known as a pontic) is fused between two crowns. For extra stability, these crowns are anchored to neighbouring teeth. Plastic pontics are used in resin-bonded or Maryland-bonded bridge processes if it is a gap between the front teeth that is being filled. Here the resin is concealed to preserve the aesthetics of your smile. A cantilever bridge is used if your front teeth are vulnerable to lower stress and the pontic is just fused to one side rather than two.

If necessary your dentist will have to shave some of the existing tooth off. This is so that the bridge and pontic will have enough room. Just like when constructing a brace, an impression of the affected area of your mouth will be taken. Using this, a replacement tooth will be fabricated in a specialist lab. While waiting for your next appointment, you will wear a temporary bridge to keep the area stable and protected. Then your dentist will check that the replacement fits with your bite before attaching it with dental cement.

If you have lost a tooth, contact your Basildon dentist about the dental bridge work which is vital in restoring your mouth to good health. Call 01245 268 494 for a free consultation at Advance Dental Clinic in Chelmsford.