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Why a Bridge is Beneficial for Your Missing Teeth

It’s possible to lose teeth at any age and we strongly recommend tooth replacement for all our patients. Losing a tooth can be distressing, but there are some amazing treatment options out there to restore your smile and your confidence. One popular solution is a dental bridge. This simple, effective treatment literally bridges the gap between two teeth and will enable you to speak, eat and smile without any worries at all.

About dental bridges

Dental bridges are a type of restoration used most commonly to replace a single missing tooth. There are different types of bridge available, but the most common is a traditional fixed bridge. This type of bridge is made from a prosthetic tooth fused to a new crown on either side. The bridge is placed in the gap and after treatment, you will be able to use the tooth in exactly the same way as a natural tooth.

Bridges can be created using various different materials and they are bespoke to ensure a perfect fit. We often recommend porcelain bridges, as the tooth blends in with the natural teeth for a seamless aesthetic. Provided they are well cared-for, bridges should last up to 15 years.

The benefits of bridges

Losing a tooth doesn’t just impact your confidence and the look of your smile. Gaps can also increase the risk of dental health issues, affect your ability to eat properly and cause the remaining teeth to shift out of position. If you lose more than one tooth, you may also find that your speech is affected and your facial appearance is altered, as the teeth provide support for the lips and cheeks.

Bridges are a simple and quick way of restoring the smile and they enable you to enjoy all the benefits of a healthy set of natural teeth.

If you have missing teeth and are looking for a straightforward solution, call us today!

Reasons to Replace a Missing Tooth

At Advance Dental Clinic in Essex we offer a range of treatments for missing teeth. Gaps in the teeth have implications for your oral health, as well as the way you feel when you smile and we recommend replacing lost teeth to ensure effective tooth function, improve the aesthetic of the smile and reduce the risk of dental health problems. One option for patients with missing teeth is a dental bridge.

What is a dental bridge?

A dental bridge is a type of restoration and is normally used to replace one or two missing teeth. The most common type of bridge, a traditional fixed bridge, is made up of a false tooth supported by two crowns, one on each side. Bridges replace gaps left by lost teeth and enable you to eat properly and smile with confidence.

Dental bridges can be made from many different materials, including precious and non-precious metals, metal fused to ceramic and all-ceramic bridges. Most people choose to have ceramic bridges because they match the colour of the teeth and therefore look much more aesthetically pleasing.

How is a bridge fitted?

Fitting a bridge usually involves two sessions. During the first session, an impression of the mouth is created and then sent away to the laboratory. During the second session, the bridge is actually fitted. The procedure is relatively simple and we can use local anaesthetic if you would prefer. The bridge is placed in position and secured using strong adhesive.

Replacing missing teeth with a dental bridge not only improves your confidence and the aesthetic of your smile, but also enables you to enjoy proper tooth function.

We can also offer dentures and dental implants for tooth replacement. Contact us today to find out how we could help you reap the benefits of restorative treatment.



Restorative Dental Treatments to Restore Your Smile

Teeth are built to last a lifetime, but often the stresses and strains of everyday life coupled with injuries and accidents can take its toll and it’s common for the teeth to become worn, chipped and broken. Decay can also result in damage to the teeth. If your teeth need some TLC and bit of patching up, we have a range of restorative treatments on offer.

Our treatments

We offer a comprehensive range of dental restorations, from cosmetic bonding and white fillings to crowns, veneers, dental bridges and dental implants. Whether you have a chipped tooth, a broken tooth or a missing tooth, we have a solution.

Fillings and crowns

Fillings are designed to fill cavities (holes in the teeth). White fillings are made from dental composite, which matches the natural colour of the teeth and strengthens them without having a negative impact on the look of the smile. Crowns are recommended when more intensive treatment is needed and a tooth is broken, severely decayed or injured extensively. Crowns are also called caps because they sit over the top of your tooth. Porcelain crowns blend in with the colour of the teeth and are a popular choice. Other materials include precious and non-precious metals.

Dental bridges and implants

If you have a missing tooth, it is likely that your dentist will advise you to have treatment to replace the tooth. This is because missing teeth increases the risk of oral health problems as well as affecting speech and the look of the smile. We have various options available for patients who have lost teeth, including dental bridges and dental implants.

Dental bridges are a popular option for patients with a single missing tooth. They are made from a false tooth secured by a crown on either side. Bridges are more affordable than implants and the procedure is less invasive.

Dental implants are a long-term solution for lost teeth. They are designed to last a lifetime and offer excellent aesthetics as well as the same level of functionality as healthy, natural teeth.

What Exactly Is A Dental Bridge For Patients Near Harlow?

Dental bridges are used to replace missing teeth and they are an affordable, long-term option for patients who have lost one or more teeth. Bridges are usually used to replace a single tooth and there are various types available. Most commonly, a traditional fixed bridge is used; these bridges are made from a false tooth, which is fused to a crown on either side. Cantilever bridges may be used when there are only healthy teeth on one side of the gap and a Maryland bridge, which is also known as a resin-bonded bridge, may be recommended if a front tooth is missing. Bridges can be made from ceramics or metals and we often find that ceramic bridges, which are usually made from porcelain, are a popular option. Porcelain blends in with the natural colour of the teeth and create s a very natural and subtle aesthetic. Bridges are not a permanent solution, but they do last a long time; most people find that their bridge lasts at least 10-15 years. Bridges are easy to maintain and care for and they are custom-made, so they should fit perfectly. Once the bridge is in place, you simply care for it like your other teeth and we will check it every time you have a routine check-up. If you have a missing tooth and you’re looking for a quick and simple long-term solution, a bridge may be the perfect choice; bridges don’t last as long as implants, but treatment is much quicker and less expensive. Bridges are also easier to maintain than dentures and they offer an excellent option for patients who have one or a small number of missing teeth.