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Why a Bridge is Beneficial for Your Missing Teeth

It’s possible to lose teeth at any age and we strongly recommend tooth replacement for all our patients. Losing a tooth can be distressing, but there are some amazing treatment options out there to restore your smile and your confidence. One popular solution is a dental bridge. This simple, effective treatment literally bridges the gap between two teeth and will enable you to speak, eat and smile without any worries at all.

About dental bridges

Dental bridges are a type of restoration used most commonly to replace a single missing tooth. There are different types of bridge available, but the most common is a traditional fixed bridge. This type of bridge is made from a prosthetic tooth fused to a new crown on either side. The bridge is placed in the gap and after treatment, you will be able to use the tooth in exactly the same way as a natural tooth.

Bridges can be created using various different materials and they are bespoke to ensure a perfect fit. We often recommend porcelain bridges, as the tooth blends in with the natural teeth for a seamless aesthetic. Provided they are well cared-for, bridges should last up to 15 years.

The benefits of bridges

Losing a tooth doesn’t just impact your confidence and the look of your smile. Gaps can also increase the risk of dental health issues, affect your ability to eat properly and cause the remaining teeth to shift out of position. If you lose more than one tooth, you may also find that your speech is affected and your facial appearance is altered, as the teeth provide support for the lips and cheeks.

Bridges are a simple and quick way of restoring the smile and they enable you to enjoy all the benefits of a healthy set of natural teeth.

If you have missing teeth and are looking for a straightforward solution, call us today!

The benefits from getting a Dental Bridge in Chelmsford

The Advance Dental Clinic in Chelmsford is a place you can go to for advice whenever you have a problem arise in your mouth, especially if you have gone through the tragedy of tooth-loss; help and comfort here is just the premium you need to get over it, as well as choosing a method to do so. Try looking into a dental bridge before making your choice because this is a very solid way of plugging up a hole left by a missing tooth; this has been made even more reliable since it has been used alongside a mini-implant. The two together will give reliability to your mouth in a way that you never thought possible and once the bridge is in, it will restore the confidence to your smile and put back the balance of your health again to your mouth. You will need to learn how to clean a bridge properly but once you have got the hang of it and you learn to look after it, this fitting will last you for many years in the future. The treatment is fairly quick to do and you will be up and running again in just a few weeks- the results will be rewarding and will re-address the balance again to your smile and to your oral health once more. Call 01245 268 494 for a free consultation at Advance Dental Clinic in Chelmsford.

Reasons to Bridge a hole in your smile in Chelmsford

The Advance Dental Clinic in Chelmsford is a great set up and will give free advice on any problems that you may be going through and tooth loss can be quite a worrying time especially. However, if you call them, they can put your mind at rest and enlighten you as to the options available to you. One of the classic ways to fill up holes between your teeth is to have a bridge fitted. Now over the years, the design of the dental bridge has changed dramatically as new techniques have been introduced to fit them into place. The more outdated methods is to bond in the crown using wires and resin- this is still used and works well, but the more favoured method is to cement the new bridge to the two that sit either side of it. Yet, this method has been vastly improved since the introduction of the mini implant and the pair together can cover gaps of over two teeth that have been lost and will sit very strongly in the mouth. Bridges need extra vigilance when cleaning but once you have got the hang of it your bridge should last for many years to come, plus it will help to keep your mouth and smile healthy in the future. Call 01245 268 494 for a free consultation at Advance Dental Clinic in Chelmsford.