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Try High Quality Lumineers For A Glowing Smile

If a glowing, glossy smile is your goal for the summer, we have great news! With Lumineers, we can create stunning, radiant smiles to ensure that you feel confident posing for holiday photos and happy every time you see your smile in the mirror. If you suffer from chipped, stained or damaged teeth and you’re looking for a solution, which will transform your imperfect teeth into a flawless smile, this could be the perfect choice. Lumineers are veneers with a difference; they are made from a patented ceramic material, which is extremely thin, but also incredibly strong. They are manufactured by Cerinate in the USA and they are famed for producing beautiful smiles, while also conserving the tooth structure. Normally, when you have veneer treatment, the tooth is prepared beforehand and this involves removing a very fine layer of the tooth surface; in the case of Lumineers, the veneers are so thin that minimal preparation is required and often, the veneers can be bonded directly onto the teeth. We recommend Lumineers for a number of reasons; the results are tried and tested, the material is durable and the veneers are stronger than most other types of veneer. Lumineers also have a pearly iridescence, which gives them a very natural look and the treatment process is simple and painless. If you suffer from a lack of confidence because of your smile, you hide your smile away or you would love to show off perfect pearly whites every time you open your mouth, why not consider Lumineers? Call us today to book a consultation to find out more about treatment from our amazing dentists. Consultations are informal and relaxed and they give you the chance to find out about the ins and outs of treatment and learn about the process and what it entails.

Let Your Smile Shine Bright Like A Diamond

You may have heard about veneers when reading about your favourite celebrities in magazines and whilst they are hugely popular with celebrities, more and more people are having veneer treatment. We offer durable, natural looking veneers called Lumineers They are made using very exclusive cerinate porcelain which is both very tough but also extremely thin. Veneers generally can be used for a whole range of issues, not only to create whiter smile. They can be used if you have one or more small gaps in the mouth. Often people who have a gap at the front of the mouth and don’t want braces treatment can have dental bonding to change the shape of the tooth and hide the gap or for a more long term and durable treatment, they can have veneers. If you have very deep stains on your teeth or naturally yellow teeth and perhaps whitening hasn’t worked for you, veneers can be used to cover the front of the teeth and hide any discoloration or stains. Lumineers are one of the thinnest veneer treatments on the market today, rather than being described as a shell, they are more like daily disposable contact lenses in terms of thinness. Due to their thinness there is less chance of needing your teeth to be prepared first, which can mean having the teeth shaved down. Veneers can also cover slightly crooked teeth as an alternative to braces treatment and can be made to match the shade of the rest of your teeth. Veneers give you the chance to alter the shape, size and colour of your teeth all at once, revealing a stunning smile that is in proportion to the rest of your face. If you go for full veneer treatment you may choose a whiter option than having one or two which need to blend with your natural teeth., the choice is entirely yours. For more information about the Lumineer process please contact us to arrange a consultation.