It’s understandable to assume that dental practices offer the latest dental innovations, but did you know that you could also enjoy a smooth, bright complexion thanks to a trip to the dentist? We are delighted to offer chemical peels as part of our fantastic range of facial treatments.

What is a chemical peel, and how does it work?

Chemical peel treatment involves applying a powerful exfoliant onto the skin surface. The chemicals used in a peel remove dead skin cells and rejuvenate and renew the skin. Over the course of time, the ageing process, elements and sun damage can take their toll. You may find that your skin looks older, or it lacks radiance or that youthful glow. A chemical peel can help to reviveiStock_000005867080Small your skin and make you look and feel younger.

If you have superficial skin problems such as lesions, pigmentation, lines and wrinkles or large pores, a chemical peel could be beneficial.

A chemical peel involves a series of treatment sessions. Usually, we offer a package of four treatments, which take place a week apart. Before you have treatment, it’s essential to prepare your skin, so you’ll be given a special lotion to use. It’s really important to protect your skin during treatment. If you’re going outside, you must wear high factor sun cream.

Chemical peels don’t just decrease the visibility of superficial skin imperfections. They also help to make your skin look more youthful by increasing collagen and elastin production.

Is a chemical peel the right choice for me?

If you’re interested in a chemical peel, but you’re not sure whether it’s a good choice for you, call us now and arrange a consultation. We can have a look at your skin and go through the ins and outs of treatment with you. Chemical peel is suitable for many people, but it’s not always the best option. In this case, Advance dental clinic may be able to discuss other options, such as non-invasive anti-ageing therapies.

Sun, wind, smoking and pollution can all play havoc with our skin and as we age we naturally lose collagen and elastin. This can all add up to dull and grey looking skin, however, some lustre can be restored with one of our effective chemical peel treatments. Comprised of 4 peel sessions over 4 weeks, our mild yet effective treatment can reverse pigmentation and blemishes, to reveal new and clear skin underneath. Our chemical peels also encourage the natural production of collagen and elastin and can reduce the appearance of open pores, whilst improving the texture and translucency of the skin. Before treatment we will assess the condition of your face and whether the treatment is the best choice for you. However, the peel can be used in most cases and is suitable for most skin types, even those suffering from acne. All treatment is carried out at the clinic over 4 weeks and includes post peel cream and sunscreen for after treatment use. At the moment we are happily able to offer customers this amazing treatment for only £550 rather than our normal price of £695.This includes all visits and post treatment creams for a brand new radiant you, along with summer savings! If you would like to know more about our chemical peel treatments and for assessment of your skin’s suitability, please feel free to call into the practice today. We would love to help you with any facial or dental treatments you need to help you achieve your dream look.


We offer chemical peels to revive the skin, reverse the signs of ageing and boost collagen supplies for smooth, supple and youthful skin. If you have dull skin, age spots, sun damage, wrinkles or pigmentation, a chemical peel could help you to enjoy fresh looking, youthful skin again.

What is a chemical peel?

A chemical peel is a facial aesthetic treatment, which involves applying chemical exfoliant to the skin. The exfoliant removes dead skin cells, stimulates collagen production and increases elastin to give smoother looking, healthy skin and banish problems such as dark spots and circles, lines and wrinkles and uneven patches of skin tone.

We have experience in facial treatments and we use the best products on the market. We hold consultations with all our clients before treatment and assess the suitability of treatment. Our chemical peels are suitable for most skin types and they can be beneficial for patients with acne scarring.

What does treatment involve?

After your consultation, you will be given a skin primer, which will be matched to your skin type, which should be worn for 2 weeks before you have your chemical peel. Each treatment consists of four separate sessions and by the end of the treatment process, you should really be able to notice the difference. Your skin should look clearer, brighter, younger and healthier!

We offer a complete package price of £695, but are currently offering an amazing discount, with a reduced fee of £550 for the skin primer and four treatment sessions. We also stock Skinceuticals products, which are designed to nourish and rejuvenate your skin and our staff team will be happy to give you information about these amazing skincare products.

To find out more about our amazing treatments, offers and products, please call us or pop in and see us!



Your face usually bears the first visible signs of ageing, including lines, wrinkles, age spots and dull looking skin. As you get older, the skin loses elastic and collagen, causing it to lose firmness, bounce and volume. Ageing is a natural process, but it can be accelerated by environmental factors, including sun damage, smoking and drinking alcohol. Our chemical peels are designed to revive and rejuvenate the skin and remove visible signs of ageing, to leave behind soft, clear and supple skin. The treatment process involves applying a chemical, which is designed to exfoliate the skin, directly on to the face. The aim of the treatment is to tackle common issues, such as pigmentation, age spots, sun spots, skin-deep lesions, wrinkles and lines, to produce a much more youthful complexion. Treatment is suitable for all skin types, including patients with acne, and the results are incredibly impressive. We use a medium strength chemical and prior to treatment, patients are given a primer to use for 2 weeks. The treatment process involves four treatment sessions, which take place over a 4 week period. During treatment, we will also provide patients with a strong sun cream and lotion to apply at home. We also offer advanced anti-ageing skincare products and can recommend specific products to you based on thorough skin analysis. Before chemical peel treatment, we conduct skin analysis on all patients to ensure that the treatment is suitable. We also explain the advantages and disadvantages of treatment and answer questions about the treatment process, how it works and what kind of results can be expected. If you’re constantly drawn to lines or age spots, you have sun damage or you simply long for a clearer, smoother and younger looking complexion, a chemical peel could be an ideal solution. Call us today to find out more!