It’s Valentine’s weekend and what better way to spread love than with a beautiful new smile? If you’re teeth are in need of some TLC or you fancy giving your smile a boost in time for Valentine’s Day, allow us to show you the wonders of CEREC technology.


CEREC is a form of advanced dental technology that has turned the process of carrying out restorative treatment on its head. In the past, restoring a damaged, infected or worn tooth with a crown, veneer, inlay or onlay used to take around two weeks, but thanks to CEREC, we can offer same-day treatment.

CEREC technology takes care of every aspect of restorative treatment and we are able to complete the entire process on site in just one day. This means there’s no need for putty impressions, no need for temporary restorations and no need for repeat injections. You won’t have to wait to enjoy the results of your treatment and you won’t need to worry about taking time off work to fit in a series of appointments.

With CEREC, images we create with our specially designed cameras are converted into 3D models, which form the mould for your new, bespoke restoration. The models are sent to the milling machine, which is responsible for the fabrication process. In just minutes, the new restoration will be ready to fit. Your dentist will then place and secure your new restoration and you can start enjoying the results of high quality, same-day treatment.

We are able to offer same-day veneers, crowns, inlays and onlays. To find out more and book an appointment, call us now!

Advances in technology allow us to carry out treatment faster than ever before and Cerec is one of the best examples of speedy modern treatment. Thanks to this incredibly innovative technology, we are able to provide bespoke same-day restorative treatment, gone are the days of waiting around and temporary restorations! Cerec technology enables us to produce new restorations in a single day because it gives us the power to do everything on-site, from designing the new restoration to manufacturing it and finally, fitting it. We are able to use Cerec to offer same-day veneers, crowns, inlays and onlays. The first stage of Cerec treatment involves taking images of the teeth with a camera; these images are converted into 3D moulds for the restorations by advanced software and the designs are sent to the on-site milling machine. The milling machine is responsible for creating the new restoration in a process, which takes minutes. When the new crown or inlay is ready, we can then fit it. Traditionally, when you have a new restoration, putty impressions are sent away to the laboratory, a temporary restoration is fitted and your new crown is returned 2 weeks later. With Cerec, we can carry out the entire process in just a single session, so you don’t need to worry about booking multiple appointments, temporary restorations or a series of injections. Cerec treatment is also cleaner and more accurate and you won’t have to put up with putty in your mouth, which can be unpleasant, especially for those with a sensitive gag reflex. Dentists also have more control of the design stage and they can show you how every phase works, which gives you a better insight into what’s going on and how your treatment will benefit you. If you’re in need of a new crown, a replacement veneer or an inlay or onlay and you’re eager to reap the many benefits of Cerec treatment, call us today to book a consultation and learn more; you won’t be disappointed!