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Five Reasons Why it is Important to Floss This Summer

Many of us know all about the benefits of brushing, but have you given much thought to flossing? If you’re eager to keep your smile in check this summer, here are 5 good reasons to start flossing now:

  1. Removing food debris: it’s very common to get food stuck between your teeth, and often, it’s hard to remove debris with a brush. This is where flossing comes in handy. If you floss, you can dislodge bits of food, which prevents plaque formation and helps to reduce the risk of bad breath.
  2. Removing bacteria: bacteria gather in the mouth all the time. Some strains of bacteria can be very harmful, but others are good for your health. Brushing and flossing help to remove dangerous bacteria before they can combine with saliva and food particles to form plaque.
  3. Reducing the risk of decay: decay is one of the most common preventable illnesses is caused by bacteria, which weaken and penetrate the enamel surface of the tooth, causing holes to form. Flossing is an effective cleaning technique, which helps to lower the risk of decay by preventing the development of plaque. Plaque is the most common cause of both decay and gum disease.
  4. Keeping your smile looking beautiful: most of us want to enjoy a healthy, beautiful smile for as long as possible. Flossing can help to prevent decay and gum disease, but it can also reduce the risk of discolouration and keep your smile looking great.
  5. Preventing bad breath: bad breath can be an embarrassing issue. In many cases, bad breath is linked to bacteria that collect in the mouth. When they feed, they release gases, which have a pungent smell. Flossing helps to clean the mouth and remove bacteria, lowering the risk of halitosis.

How Advance Dental Clinic Can Help Eliminate Bad Breath

Are you struggling with bad breath? Do you feel self-conscious when you speak to people or have you noticed that you suffer at certain times of the day or after eating specific foods or drinks? Many people feel embarrassed about having bad breath, but we can assure you that you’ll be in safe hands. We understand that you might be apprehensive about coming to the dentist, but we can help eliminate the problem for good and we’re here to help you and make you feel more confident.

What causes bad breath?

Bad breath is most commonly caused by bacteria, which release odorous gases when they feed. These bacteria tend to collect at the back of the tongue. It’s common for people who neglect oral hygiene to experience bad breath, but it can also be caused by smoking, taking some types of medication and eating strongly-flavoured foods.

If poor oral hygiene is to blame, we can provide cleaning treatments and offer advice to help you improve your oral care at home. We can also offer assistance if you’re trying to give up smoking.

How we can help

Cleaning treatments are often the most effective solution for bad breath. We can offer much more powerful cleaning techniques than brushing at home and this enables us to remove bacteria, plaque and tartar. Our dentists may advise you to schedule regular appointments with a dental hygienist and we may also recommend more frequent check-ups.

If you have good oral hygiene, but you’re prone to temporary bouts of bad breath, we may advise you to keep a food dairy. You may find that you react badly to some foods. Foods that commonly result in bad breath include spicy foods, garlic, onions and coffee.

If you need any advice about bad breath or you’re worried that bad breath is holding you back, call us today! We can fix the problem and have you smiling again in no time.

Three Reasons Stopping Smoking is Good for Your Teeth

When you hear people talk about smoking, it’s common to think about the impact on your heart and lungs, but smoking is also very harmful for your teeth and gums. If you’re thinking about quitting smoking, here are 3 reasons why giving up is good for your teeth:

  1. Bad breath: smoking is one of the most common causes of persistent bad breath (halitosis). Cigarettes contain a host of toxic chemicals and the odour lingers in the mouth for hours.
  1. Staining: cigarettes contain many dangerous chemicals, including tar, which stains and discolours the teeth, causing the enamel to become yellow or brown. Discoloured teeth tend to look unhealthy and they can make your smile look less attractive.
  1. Oral cancer: smoking is a leading risk factor for oral cancer. Oral cancer affects the soft tissue in your mouth. You’re particularly vulnerable to mouth cancer if you smoke and drink. Giving up smoking will reduce your risk of developing oral cancer, as well as countless other forms of cancer.

If you’re keen to give up smoking, we are here to help. We understand that it’s not easy to quit, and we can use tried and tested methods, in addition to providing you with information, support and encouragement to help you quit. Give us a call today if you’d like to find out more.

Five Ways to Prevent Bad Breath

Bad breath is a very common problem that can cause you to feel self-conscious, especially in public. If bad breath is getting you down, here are 5 ways you can put the problem to bed:

  1. Chewing sugar-free gum: chewing sugar-free gum helps to stimulate saliva production and freshen the breath after eating.
  2. Keeping a food diary: it’s very common to experience bad breath after eating certain foods. If you find that you’re prone to bad breath, keep a food dairy so that you can identify triggers. If you know that certain foods give you bad breath, you can avoid them in the future.
  3. Brush up on dental hygiene: the vast majority of cases of bad breath are caused by a lack of attention to brushing and flossing. Bad breath is caused by bacteria in the mouth, which produce odorous gases when they feed. Brush for 2 minutes every morning and evening and use inter-dental brushes or dental floss to clean between the teeth.
  4. Clean your tongue: many cases of bad breath are linked to bacteria lingering on the tongue. When these bacteria feed, they give off gases, which have an unpleasant smell.
  5. Book a dental hygiene session: dental hygienists are experts in dental hygiene and they can provide much more intensive cleaning treatments than brushing at home. Your dental hygienist will target areas of plaque and tartar and give your mouth a really good clean, leaving it feeling lovely and fresh. It’s also important to keep up to date with regular routine checks.

Break the Habit: How Smoking Can Damage Your Teeth

It’s the start of a brand new year, and many of us are trying our hardest to stick to New Year’s resolutions. If you’ve made a vow to try and quit smoking, we are here to help and support you along the way. Smoking is not just a major contributor to heart disease and lung cancer. It can also be incredibly harmful for your teeth. Here are just some of the ways smoking can damage your teeth.

Staining and discolouration

Smoking is one of the most common causes of tooth staining and discolouration. If you smoke, you’re much more likely to have yellow or brown teeth than a non-smoker, even if you have the same oral hygiene regime. This is because cigarettes contain chemicals, including tar, which stain the teeth.

Bad breath

Smoking is a common cause of bad breath. If you’re a smoker, you’re probably aware that there’s an odour that lingers after you’ve had a cigarette.

Increased risk of gum disease

Smoking increases your risk of gum disease because it reduces blood flow to the gums. It also slows the healing process following dental treatment. If you can give up smoking, you should find that you have a much lower risk of gum disease.

Increased oral cancer risk

The number of people in the UK affected by oral cancer has increased significantly in the last decade. Oral cancer is a form of cancer, which affects the soft tissue in the mouth and throat. Smoking is the most significant risk factor, and it is particularly dangerous when combined with drinking alcohol. Symptoms of oral cancer include slow-healing mouth ulcers, oral pain, a persistent sore throat and red or white patches in the mouth.

If you have any questions about quitting smoking or you’d like some advice or tips, we will be happy to help. Simply give us a call or come and visit us.

Identifying the roots of Bad Breath in Brentwood

So, someone nice has taken you to one side and pointed out that your breath stinks: this may well come as a shock at first, but once you have taken the issue on board, then you should get out there and do something about it all, because aside from the fact that it will make you extremely unpopular amongst your peers, it indicates that you could be putting your health at risk. Getting rid of the problem though is never going to be easy and it may take a lot of effort to go through a process of elimination. Your dentist will have to work closely with you on this in order to check for any decay or disease in your teeth; then you can bang your heads together about improving your oral hygiene after; your diet and your silly little habits such as smoking and drinking have to change. One by one, you need to eliminate all possibilities and if after you have done so, then you may well have to get an examination from your doctor if the condition still thrives. Don’t take any chances with bad breath and do all you can to eliminate it. The Advance Dental Clinic are just down the road in Chelmsford, so if you are having problems with your breath in Brentwood, give them a call, because they can point you in the right direction. Call 01245 268 494 for a free consultation at Advance Dental Clinic in Chelmsford.

Remedying Bad Breath in Harlow

If you didn’t already know it, bad breath can diminish your quality of life and affect your status with your friends and at work and it can take a monumental effort to fight it. Two of the main causes of it can be tooth decay and gum disease, which in itself are a direct result of poor oral hygiene. You’ll need to get your dentist on board here to patch you up and advise you on altering your oral hygiene; gum disease is an especially difficult condition to get rid of and you’ll will have to work very hard to stop it going any further with not just your hygiene, you’ll need a few herbal remedies and to adjust your lifestyle as well. A poor diet, smoking and emphatic drinking are not good for your teeth and gums and the results will be nasty breath. If you have gone through all of these possibilities and still the condition persists, then it will take more than the dentist to put things right, you’ll have to see a doctor because it could mean that other things have gone wrong in your body. If you have any problems with bad breath, then get in touch with the Advance Dental Clinic: they offer expert advice on everything dental and they serve the Harlow area. Call 01245 268 494 for a free consultation at Advance Dental Clinic in Chelmsford.


An Impacted Tooth Can Cause Problems for You, Warns Colchester Dentist

There are certain teeth that have a lot of difficulty in coming out fully and remain stuck inside the gum. These teeth are most likely to be wisdom teeth or the third molars, because they arrive long after the other permanent teeth are in place. The reasons that these teeth have difficulty coming out properly could be that there is no space left on the jaw or if the teeth are misaligned. A tooth in this condition is called an impacted tooth and while it does not necessarily cause any pain, it can result in a lot of problems for a person.

The chief problem with such a tooth is that it is difficult to clean and therefore susceptible to tooth decay. It can also result in problems of the gums and can cause a person to suffer from bad breath. This tooth can also exert a steady and constant pressure on the other teeth, causing them to move out of alignment. This can ruin the smile of the person and also lead to uneven wearing down of the teeth.

According to a dentist who has a practice in Colchester, a great majority of people do nothing to get their impacted teeth removed even though dental extraction is a pretty straightforward process. They delay doing anything about it until they reach a point where they have to deal with gum disease or weakened and dislodged teeth in addition to removing the impacted tooth that has caused the problem in the first place. Call 01245 268 494 for a free consultation at Advance Dental Clinic in Chelmsford.

Dentist in Epping Cautions against Neglecting Gum Pain

There are many dental problems that a normal person could suffer from, and not all of them are to do with the teeth. A person can also suffer from problems of the gums which can cause as much trouble as problems with teeth. According to a dentist in Epping, a person should consider having gum pain as a warning that he or she has dental or gum problems that need to be looked into on an urgent basis.

Most gum problems happen due to the buildup of plaque and the subsequent presence of bacteria. In the beginning, these problems start off as sensitive gums that bleed whenever the person brushes his or her teeth. Flossing the teeth will also lead to bleeding and pain. A person will also suffer from bad breath and redness of the gums as a result of this. If these problems are neglected, a person can suffer from severe problems of the gum including bone disease.

Gum pain can also indicate that there is a problem with the teeth. An infected or an impacted tooth can cause the surrounding areas to ache, and as such it is an effective warning mechanism. These pains can also be caused due to an abscess.

Gum problems are a very serious condition and should never be taken lightly. There is an entire branch of dentistry devoted to curing them. A person therefore needs to visit a dental practice that has an experienced periodontist available since a regular dentist might not be able to give them the required help. Call 01245 268 494 for a free consultation at Advance Dental Clinic in Chelmsford.

Billericay Dentist Offers Treatment for Halitosis

Halitosis is a terrible problem to suffer from because it can bring a person’s social life to a grinding halt. It is the term given to bad breath that occurs as a result of dental problems, and it can affect more than a person’s social life. Bad breath can also affect a person’s career prospects and should be treated immediately.

According to a dentist in Billericay, it is possible and absolutely essential to get an effective treatment for this condition, and not only for social reasons. The presence of bad breath indicated that there is something wrong with the person’s oral hygiene. At the very least it can indicate that the person has a buildup of plaque on the teeth. Bad breath can also mean that the person suffers from a gum inflammation or decayed teeth, and that there are bacteria present in the mouth that release the gases after feeding on the food particles that are lodged in between the teeth.

A dentist will be able to get rid of this problem by cleaning the teeth physically in order to remove the accumulated plaque and tartar. An antibacterial medication will also be applied in order to get rid of any residual bacteria.

Halitosis should be treated immediately because if neglected, the causes of it can lead to gum disease and in extreme cases the eventual loss of teeth. A trip to the dentist is warranted as soon as any problem appears, to prevent more expensive and uncomfortable treatments later on. Call 01245 268 494 for a free consultation at Advance Dental Clinic in Chelmsford.