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Invisalign Treatment Takes Off!!

After seeing lots of great results on our patients with Invisalign brace treatments I’ve decided to take the plunge and try the treatment for myself. After 2 weeks I’m onto my second aligner and all’s going well after a few days of getting used to wearing the aligners!

More updates in the next few weeks to follow.

Veneers and Implants- a great combination

Today we finished a lovely case on a young lady who was very conscious of her smile. the teeth were very worn chipped and stained. With a combination of 7 porcelain veneers and an implant retained crown we managed to transform her smile and confidence. See the pictures on our case of the month page on the website. The treatment was provided using our low cost finance facility so costs are spread over a longer period making treatment more affordable.

Inman Aligner Takes Off

We are now starting to complete many of our Inman Aligner patients started a few months ago. The treatment is great for mild crowding cases like the one on the case of the month page.

This treatment was completed in a much shorter time than normal braces and has created a great smile for the patient.

A simple cure for migraine

Many people suffer from facial pain or migraines. Most doctors try to treat these problem with painkilling drugs without looking at the underlying cause. we often have patients coming to us with these symptoms thinking nothing can be done.

We often find the cause of these problems to be tooth grinding at night (bruxism) or clenching of the jaws. However, many of these patients can be treated using bite raising appliances to relieve the stress on the muscles of the face. These simple appliances are worn at night and can sometimes improve symptoms in days.

If you suffer with facial pain please speak to one of our dentists and they will be happy to help.

Invisalign for lower crowding

One of the many rpoblems with growing old, (as I should know being 44 this week) is the drift of teeth making the teeth look overcrowded. With our various techniques to correct this crowding using Invisalign or the Inman aligner we can quickly make the teeth look good again. Often used in conjunction with tooth whitening we can make a dramatic improvement to the smile with a minimum of treatment.

Take a look at our cases on

Implant for loose teeth

A common problem we are presented with is the replacement of loose lower incisor teeth. These teeth are often the 1st to show the affects of advanced gum disease and can look unsightly and feel uncomfortable.

At Advance Dental Clinic we can use implants to replace these loose teeth. The 4 lower front teeth are carefully removed and 2 implants placed. these are then restored with 4 fixed temporary teeth left inplace for 2-3 months before the new porcelain teeth are fitted permanently to the implants.

Low cost finance takes off

This week at Advance Dental Clinic one of our patients used our low cost finance facility recently arranged with Medenta Finance. This has helped her afford the extensive treatment she required to improve her smile using a combination of dental implants and porcelain dental veneers. The application process was very straightforward and completed and accepted in a mattr of minutes.

Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in our various low cost and interest free finance options

A bright smile lifts the gloom

At Advance Dental Clinic we have definitely noticed an increased demand for tooth whitening despite the economic doom and gloom affecting the country at the moment.

One reason for this might be the cheering up factor, a nice white smile gives you a great feel good factor at an affordable price especially compared to more radical treatments such as porcelain veneers and orthodontics.

We offer 2 main types of whitening; In surgery whitening is useful for people with heavily stained teeth and those who don’t want to use home trays. Custom home tooth whitening uses specially designed custom fitted trays, worn at night, using a whitening gel placed in the tray. This generally gives us the best result possible as the trays can be worn until the patient his happy with the final colour. After that the trays can be used 1 night per month just to keep the colour looking great.

Please call us if you would like any further information on 01245 268 494

Finance options now available including interest free

To help spread the cost of payments, we can now offer our patients low cost finance through our financial partners, Medenta Finance. The first step is to discuss your treatment with your dentist and decide on the best plan for your needs. Once this is agreed we can then apply online for a loan. Various monthly repayments and terms are available (all subject to status of course). Once the loan has been agreed with Medenta the treatment can proceed as normal. The patients monthly payments will be made direct to Medenta over the term agreed.

Please call if you are interested in any of our interest free or low cost repayment schemes, our team will be happy to help

A taste of my own medicine

This weekend one of my old gold fillings fell out leaving me with quite a large hole in my tooth.

My colleague James saved the day with an all ceramic filling using our CEREC machine and the tooth has settled down very well.

It was quite strange being on the other side of the fence, especially being numb for most of the day, I think my patients thought I’d been drinking!!