Tackling the problem of Tooth Decay in Braintree

If you are having problems with tooth decay, it is not just about getting your dentist to do the work to repair the problem areas in your mouth; you will have to take some responsibility of your own for getting yourself into the problem in the first place. Tooth decay is the result of poor oral hygiene that has allowed bacteria to get a grip in your mouth and bite away at the enamel on your teeth. If you ignore the signs of aching teeth and shooting pains whenever anything comes into contact with the surfaces, there is a good chance that these pains may subside, but it doesn’t change the fact that you are still in trouble and that now, the decay is going to threaten the life of your teeth and pose the possibility of an abscess breaking out here and there. The merest sign of pain in your teeth means you need to get to your dentist; it may be a simple case of a filling or even a root canal if the decay is advanced. But if you get patched up, it should be warning enough for you to avoid this from happening in the future Give Advance Dental of Chelmsford a call- they serve Braintree and can tell you of the perils that tooth decay poses. Call 01245 268 494 for a free consultation at Advance Dental Clinic in Chelmsford.