Super-fast new Teeth in Basildon

If you’re one of these people that feel you can barely fit anymore into an already overcrowded day, you probably haven’t the time to think much about getting your teeth into shape with a little bit of cosmetic dentistry on the side. But think again, because those wonderful dental scientists have caught up with the needs of the modern world and come up with something just for the likes of you in Basildon- CEREC. Not satisfied with just inventing beautiful cosmetic dentistry ideas such as crowns veneers, white fillings, etc, which would normally take a reasonable few weeks to measure up and fix, no, they have now put together all the latest technology, such as computers, digital imaging and a good old fashioned milling machine to come up with a system that will reduce those few weeks to around 90 minute at the most! That’s from start to finish as well! In reality, you book up the appointment (probably do that on line now too!), then you go along and have some digital images taken of the bits and pieces you need doing. Whilst the dentist is getting your teeth ready for your fitting, the images would have been fed, via a computer into the milling machine to make your new fitting automatically. Then, it is cemented into place and out you walk. Of course, any slight alterations can be made on the spot to ensure a perfect fit and a perfect new tooth. Got time now? Call 01245 268 494 for a free consultation at Advance Dental Clinic in Chelmsford.