Stunning results available with porcelain crowns from Colchester dentists

There is nothing worse than being embarrassed about your smile. If you have damaged teeth, you may be nervous or apprehensive in social situations, worried that someone will spot the affected teeth. It is important to deal with this problem and maintain confidence by rectifying broken teeth.

In order to strengthen a broken down tooth, you may need to have a crown fitted. This will allow it to function like your other, healthy teeth when you are talking, eating and drinking. Crowns are ideal in a situation where there is so little of your tooth left that it is impossible to rebuild it as such. They will act as a protecting barrier against the future formation of large cavities on the remaining portion of tooth as well. If you have dull or stained teeth, crowns can be utilized to enhance the aesthetic appeal by effectively covering them up and allow you to smile confidently again. In this case however, a less invasive procedure such as tooth whitening may be more appropriate.

In the past, metal was the preferred material for crowns. These led to the formation of dark lines against the gum which many people found unsightly. Porcelain crowns are a huge improvement on their metal counterparts. Most obviously, the fact that they match your surrounding teeth in terms of colour, shade and texture is a huge boost for anyone worried about the appearance of their smile.

Once the area has been prepared and cleaned, your dentist might need to remove a little of the existing tooth under local anaesthetic to make sure the crown achieves a tight fit. The dental putty impression is sent to a lab where the crown is made from a lightweight porcelain that is immensely durable. After a fortnight of wearing a temporary replacement, your dentist will affix the permanent crown with dental cement.

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