Stunning Invisalign see-through braces available from Braintree dentists

Metal braces can dash your confidence as they may make you nervous about smiling. Many people have found that the presence of metal brackets and wires in their mouths has led to them being socially inhibited. For some years, orthodontic practice has relied on these braces to correct teeth but now there is a new way to your perfect smile with an incredible brace that is virtually invisible.

Dentists can now use modern computer technology and 3D imaging software to create braces that have come to be known as ‘see through’ or ‘invisible’. They are virtually unnoticeable in your mouth, giving you extra confidence to smile even while you are undergoing the treatment. The Invisalign product is a clear brace, sculpted specially for your unique mouth that moves your teeth gradually over time in the manner of a traditional brace but without the aesthetic problem.

Once fitted with Invisalign you will wear it for twenty two hours a day and have regular meetings with your dentist who will be able to provide replacements Invisaligns as and when your teeth require them. Unlike traditional braces which are attached to your teeth, Invisaligns are completely removable, which makes eating and drinking so much easier. You need not worry about food debris being trapped in the Invisalign as it is very easy to clean once you have taken it out of your mouth.

Invisaligns give much greater comfort than you could expect from traditional metal braces. This is because they don’t have any metal brackets, wiring or uncomfortable elastic bands which need to be tightened. If your Braintree dentist is Invisalign-certified, he or she will give you a free consultation to establish if you are suitable for this amazing new product: the invisible brace. Call 01245 268 494 for a free consultation at Advance Dental Clinic in Chelmsford.