Straighten your teeth fast with Inman aligners from Epping dentists

Imagine a brace that can straighten your teeth in just weeks. In the past such a process would have taken months or even years and concealed your smile behind metal brackets and wires while it was working. A new aligner is now available that is much quicker than traditional braces and incredibly discreet too. While it corrects your teeth all that will be visible is one small bar across your teeth, an amazing advance on the appearance of traditional braces.

This new aligner is called Inman and it offers amazing results in an average of under six months although it can take just six weeks. Inman is totally removable so you can clean your teeth conveniently and eat in comfort knowing that food is not being trapped. You can take it out for social occasions to and feel the boost to your self-confidence that this will bring.

Inman gently achieves straightening by harnessing the power of a coiled spring. The spring will sit on the inside of your teeth and gently push them out. That the workings of an Inman are on the inside of your teeth means that it is extremely discreet and gives room for the other teeth to be pulled into place against the front teeth’s straightening bar. The Inman cannot rotate teeth but it is very effective at dealing with small alignment issues.

Incredibly an Inman aligner costs about the same as many other orthodontic treatments, even taking into the account the fact that it is so much faster. If you don’t fancy wearing unsightly metal braces, contact your Epping dentist today and ask about the stunning results you could get from an Inman aligner. Call 01245 268 494 for a free consultation at Advance Dental Clinic in Chelmsford.