Spectacular Mini Implants in Maldon

There is no question about how brilliant dental implants are in the fight against tooth loss: once these babies have been screwed into your jawbone, they will keep you company and support you for the rest of your life. Out of shadows of the regular implant though has stepped its baby cousin- the mini and this has been used invaluably in other areas of tooth loss. Minis can be used to help tortured denture wearers lock the fitting tight and securely into the mouth and give amazing freedom to the sufferer. The mini dental implant has also developed in the design of the dental bridge- again offering incredible support to the fitting and prolonging the longevity to the bridge. They are cheaper, quickly fitted and as durable as their bigger cousin; they can also be used to house a small incisor sized single crown if need be. Implants are here to stay and if you want to know lots more about this dreamy little treatment, then get in contact with Advance Dental over in Chelmsford; they know all about implant surgery and are more than welcome to give you their expert knowledge in Maldon, as they cover the area. Call 01245 268 494 for a free consultation at Advance Dental Clinic in Chelmsford.