Sparkling New Smiles In Just A Matter Of Months Near Braintree

If you have an upcoming engagement or social event looming in the next 6 months and you are eager to look at your dental best, then you may want to consider the incredible 6 Month Smiles treatment. 6 Month Smiles combines both discreetness and speed-a miracle in the orthodontic world! and has been the choice of many celebrities over the years, who wanted a fast and effective solution that could go unnoticed. 6 Months Smiles braces work so quickly as they only focus on the teeth you see when you smile. Other braces may attempt to move the whole mouth, meaning months and even years of treatment. 6 Month Smiles treatment assesses the health and position of your smile and picks out the prime teeth for movement rather than moving the whole of your mouth. This enables a greater speed of treatment, without wasting any time in moving your smile into the ideal location. 6 Month Smiles are also incredibly discreet- composed of tooth coloured wires and brackets they can sit barely noticeable within your mouth, while they work away moving your smile. The 6 Month Smile system is an ideal choice for those with moderate to mild orthodontic problems which affect the visible teeth. This may include gaps between the teeth, tooth rotation, twisted teeth or buck teeth-our helpful dentists at the clinic will be able to carry out an assessment to check whether you and your smile are best suited to the system. Brides, grooms and those with other important social events can find the quick impressive tooth movement they want, with plenty of time for their big day. Curious about 6 Month Smiles? Then why not call at the practice today? We can check the health and position of your teeth and smile and tell you which brace is the best for your smile. Tooth whitening is also offered at the practice, for a truly beautiful smile for whatever big day you have in store!