Sleeping uneasy: Apnea in Maldon

For most people, sleeping is an absolute joy and the ultimate way to unwind after a busy day in Maldon. If you are healthy, your system will work like clockwork to pump air and blood around your body and keep you going until you wake up again, and by system, we mean the heart, your lungs and your brain. If however you are not healthy, drink and smoke a lot, are obese or have had trouble with your heart in the past, sleeping can become a matter life of life and death over a sustained period of time and you could be into sleep apnea. If there is a problem with any part of this system, especially with your breathing, the whole process will become pressured and each part will become stressed as it tries to battle to keep you going. Over time it will give up and the organ most at risk here is your heart: without a regulated amount of air, it will stall and this in turn can stop you breathing. Symptoms are hard to spot, but it will make you terribly fatigued during the waking hours and also, this type of breathing will continue throughout the day without you noticing it you’ll carry on overloading the natural workings of the body. If you identify with any of this that has been mentioned, get in contact with the Advance dental clinic in Chelmsford immediately as they can help you to get treated for the problem. Call 01245 268 494 for a free consultation at Advance Dental Clinic in Essex.