Protect damaged teeth with dental crown from Billericay dentist

When teeth are damaged either by decay or accident, the pain is caused by the exposure of the sensitive dental nerve located at the centre of the tooth. In a normal functioning tooth the nerve is protected by a layer of pulp and dentine and then finally covered with a layer of hard protective enamel. When a tooth suffers form decay this enamel is broken down exposing the softer central parts of the tooth and dental nerve to infection and extremes of hot and cold. This can lead to painful toothache and even tooth loss.

Holes in the enamel therefore need to be filled with a protective substance to replace the enamel. These are commonly known as fillings but in certain circumstances, a filling is not enough to protect the tooth from further damage and more extensive protection is needed. In this case dentists uses what is called a crown to offer a greater degree of protection to the tooth. A crown covers the whole of the tooth exposed above the gum and can be made form metal, porcelain or a combination of the two, although most patients today prefer porcelain because of the aesthetic qualities it offers.

Crowns are also used for teeth that have been cracked and damaged by injury to the face. Cracked or broken teeth can be very painful and if they cannot be repaired with dental bonding then they too will require a crown from a Billericay dentist to prevent further pain.

The crown is manufactured to closely resemble the shape pf the existing tooth before being cemented over the top to act as a protective barrier. It may be necessary to remove some existing enamel to allow the crown to fit comfortably over the top. A dental crown can last longer than fifteen years if properly cared for. Call 01245 268 494 for a free consultation at Advance Dental Clinic in Chelmsford.