Patients amazed by results of Six Months Smile from Harlow dentist

Getting your teeth straightened into a brilliant smile that you will want to show off day after day, is now easier than ever. Advances in technology mean that you can now have alignment issues with your teeth sorted out with incredible speed. The new product which is delighting so many patients is called Six Months Smile and it has a number of advantages over the traditional methods used in the straightening of teeth.

One of the most common complaints about traditional braces is that they look unsightly. No-one wants to feel uncomfortable about the way their mouth looks, but having teeth covered with metal wires and brackets and make people feel that way. Six Months Smile gets around this problem by using wires and brackets made from special, patented materials which are far more discreet. They are made, not only to be effective at gently moving teeth around the mouth, but also to appear the same colour as teeth, making them hard to notice in the mouth.

Another common complaint about traditional metal braces is that the treatment takes an awfully long time. Two years, which is the average length of time one has to wear a traditional brace for, is a long time in most peoples’ book. Six Months Smile can work in roughly a quarter of that time without any increase in financial cost for the patient.

Ask your Harlow dentist about Six Months Smile to see if the treatment is suitable for you. It might be just what you’ve been looking for if you have a wedding on the horizon or some other occasion for which you are anxious to look your very best. Call 01245 268 494 for a free consultation at Advance Dental Clinic in Chelmsford.