The Inman Aligner- Now available at Advance

This weekend I attended a course on a breakthrough in cosmetic orthodontic treatment.

As time goes by the teeth tend to move causing crowding at the front of the mouth. Most adults are put off by normal braces with treatment often taking a year to complete. However the Inman Aligner can offer an alternative by gently guiding teeth into position, often in a matter of weeks.

The Inman Aligner acheives great results with just 1 appliance and can give you a wonderful smile in a just a few weeks. It can also be removed if you have a special night out or meeting.

To find out more please call the practice or pop in for a free smile consultation we are now accredited to provide this treatment at the practice.

20 Years in Practice

Today is the 20th anniversary of starting work in general practice Chelmsford. I originally came to Chelmsford as a 6 month stop gap before starting work at The Royal London Hospital. I liked it so much I never left!

Advance Dental Clinic is now in its 6 year and going strong, so thanks to all the patients who have supported me over the past 20 years


Congratulations Abby

This week the youngest member of our team, Abby became a fully fledged qualified Dental Surgery Assistant after passing her qualification exams. Abby who normally works with Viola now has extensive experience in all aspects of the practice from Orthodontics to Implantology

Well done Abby from all the team

Partner Practices

Today Vicki and I visited 2 of our referring practices to see patients in need of dental implant treatment. The 2 practices are in Kent, so it is sometimes easier for the patients to see us in their own practice so we go travel to them.

We have over 30 dentists referring their implant patients to the practice as well as accepting new patients directly to our clinic.

Expansion plans get the go ahead

Today we received the go ahead from the local planners to extend the practice into the land to the back of the practice. We plan to create 2 more surgeries, a separate waiting room and a seminar/teaching suite for dentists who attend courses at the practice. We are using the same Architects who designed the clinic 6 years ago so the design should be exciting and innovative.

I’ll keep you posted as things progress

Smile of the Year Awards

I was recently asked to be a judge on the Smile of the Year Awards to be held in March. The judging for the 40 cases was carried out in London yesterday and the entries were very impressive including veneers, crowns and implant treatment.

Immediate dental implants

Today we saw a delightful lady from Ongar who had fractured an upper tooth below the gum line. The tooth could not be saved so after taking a CT scan of the area we carefully removed the tooth and placed a dental implant. We then made a provisional tooth and fitted it to the implant to fill the space. To find out more about dental implants visit our dedicated site

Sedation for the nervous patient

Here at Advance Dental Clinic we often see people who are apprehensive about dental treatment, usually after a bad experience as a child. For some patients just spending a little extra time and talking to the patient is enough to help with there phobia, however for some patients, particularly those undergoing more extensive treatment we often need a little extra help.

The most predictable treatment we can offer uses sedation using a ‘valium’ based drug. Given in a slow controlled way, this drug can safely help the patient overcome their anxiety, while always keeping the patient awake, without the need for a full general anaesthetic.

If you feel this treatment would help please feel free to contact us arrange a consultation and assessment.

Emergency Dental Treatment

Today I had a call from a new patient with pain from a tooth, after she could not get in contact with her NHS dentist. I treated her problem with a root canal treatment that will be finished off by my colleague James in the next few days. If you require emergency treatment please call the dental practice, you will be given a mobile number to call so we can arrange to see you as quickly as we can.

Advance Dental Clinic treats Optical Express patients

As some of you may know the dental clinic in Optical Express in Chelmsford has recently closed. As one of the few private dental practices in Chelmsford we have been happy to carry on the dental care for these patients left without a dentist. If you are a patient of Optical Express we are offering a half price consultation and will be happy to look after your dental needs