Oral hygiene is explained by a Brentwood dentist

Without a good oral hygiene plan you will be fighting a losing battle with your teeth, advises a Brentwood dentist. The importance of a good workable plan and a disciplined attitude cannot be emphasised enough, it is as essential as any other type of health plan. Bad breath is just one of the drawbacks of a lax or bad regime in oral care, there is no excuse for it as all dentist surgeries now have an oral hygiene nurse who will offer advice and leaflets. Prevention is always better than a cure as any dentist will tell you, and it takes just a few minutes, a few times a day, to give you a nice smile, clean breath and trouble free teeth. First off we should get into the habit of cleaning the mouth throughout the day, and not just in the morning or last thing at night. The main cause of tooth decay is acid build up produced by bacteria feeding off the residue in between our teeth; this also makes tartar which is that rough material around the bottom of our teeth. Gum disease is also caused by bacteria, a lax or improper brushing method will cut the gums and allow the bacteria to seep inside, this will then form into more serious infections and the end result is a premature loss of our teeth. Flossing is the most underrated part of cleaning our molars, yet it will remove the most amount of plaque in the most awkward of places, brushing alone won’t do this and it is also important to floss after each meal or snack. We need saliva to counter-act the acid build up that attacks the tooth enamel, and when we are sleeping this gland stops working, so in the morning we have a huge amount of plaque to get rid of. Call 01245 268 494 for a free consultation at Advance Dental Clinic in Chelmsford.