Oral Health Advice

Preventing problems arising with the health of your teeth and gums is vital if you don’t want to spend many costly hours getting restorative treatments in the dental chair. By doing a few vital things each day, you can prevent problems occurring later.Many people believe that brushing alone is enough when it comes to effectively cleaning their teeth. Whilst it does remove a large amount of bacteria, it is very easy for plaque to build up between the teeth and a brush can’t always get in to that area. Flossing means that you can quickly and easily remove any plaque from between your teeth and around the gum line. It is best to floss before brushing your teeth so that after flossing any left over bits of plaque can be brushed away.A strange one, but your tongue can carry harmful bacteria on it even if you have cleaned and flossed your teeth. It can then transfer the bacteria to your teeth and gums. There are tongue cleaners, which you can pick up, or you can gently use your regular toothbrush over the top of your tongue when cleaning your teeth. It is a strange sensation initially and it is important to be very gently so that you don’t hurt your tongue.Many of us graze on sweets and chocolate over the course of a day but this is harmful for your oral health. If you eat five sweets over five separate period of time your teeth are being attacked five times with bacteria and sugar which can form plaque. If you eat five sweets in one go your mouth is only being attacked once. If you would like more helpful hints and tips for looking after your oral hygiene, make a hygienist appointment at Advance Dental Clinic today for the healthiest teeth you can have.