Mini implants in Maldon from advance dental of chelmsford

Mini Implants are smaller than standard implants and were originally designed to be a temporary form of restoration. They were originally meant to be used as temporary implants, which would be removed at a later date and replaced with the larger versions. However, mini implants were found to be of a use all by themselves. They seemed to work well as a form of restoration for small teeth and incisors

Mini implants are placed in the jawbone, in much the same way as normal implants, but due to their shortened height, they do not fuse with the jawbone as easily. However, they still have a long life and can even be used in older patients as a means to stabilise and secure a lower denture.

For dental implants, a bone graft is sometimes required if the patient shows signs of bone loss. However not all patients are willing to undergo this process, for their own reasons, and so a mini implant may be used instead. It is a solid but smaller form of the implant and does not need the bone graft in order to be placed.

Like a normal implant, mini implants are made from titanium rods that have a retaining attachment that acts like a socket. The retaining fixture is able to be incorporated into a denture and hold it in place.

Mini implants are become more and more popular with patients who are worried about the implications of implantation surgery and who may also be worried about the cost of normal dental implants. Call 01245 268 494 for a free consultation at Advance Dental Clinic in Chelmsford.