Marvellous Mini-implants in Colchester

One of the problems with having anything false fitted inside the mouth is the worry that it may fall out at the most in-opportune of times. Dentures and partial dentures are specifically prone to this- even the best laid plans of using strong fixatives do not always do the job. Dental bridges are also at the mercy of cements and can also fail at the best of times. It has then come as an incredible relief to people who have had to suffer this for years that the mini-implant has come of age and it’s even come to Colchester. Laser surgery has made the fitting of the ‘mini’ extremely easy for dentists to carry out- in fact, the procedure can be done and dusted in a day. Once the titanium implant has been located into the jaw, it can be used to strengthen the fitting of the bridge and aid the cement and resins used to hold the fitting in place. But it’s denture wearers that have benefited most from the development of the mini-implant. The dentures have to be adapted before being fitted, but once done and five or six implants have been set into the jaw, the dentures simply locate onto the implants, holding the fitting stronger in the mouth than ever before; combined with a fixative, it can be like winning the lottery for denture wearers. The even better news is that technology combined with the ease of fitting has made the treatment widespread and because of demand and supply, a very competitive option to go for. Call 01245 268 494 for a free consultation at Advance Dental Clinic in Chelmsford.