Maldon dentists offer dental implants to restore brilliant smiles

It is vital that you replace a lost tooth for the ease of speaking eating and drinking that it will provide. Dental implants are a long term solution to this as they will restore the aesthetics of your mouth, allowing you to smile with confidence.

You may have lost a tooth because of a variety of reasons such as an accident or trauma. Poor oral hygiene can lead to a loss of teeth through decay and sometimes simply old age can bring tooth loss. Increasingly people are turning to dental implants instead of dentures or fixed bridges to restore lost teeth. Acting as a replacement for the root of your lost tooth, dental implants are made from titanium which is extremely durable. Ultimately these implants will fuse with the surrounding bone in a process known as osseointegration that will give the tooth a support which is stable.

Having assessed the area for debris or decay which may compromise the process, your dentist will take an xray or CT scan then make an incision in the jaw while you are under local anaesthetic. Into this incision the titanium implant will be installed and then the dentist will stitch the area back up, allowing you to undergo a process of healing during which you may have to wear a temporary replacement attached to the implant.

Dental implants offer a long –term solution to tooth loss and you can clean your replacement teeth just like you would a normal tooth. They are secure enough to last a lifetime providing you care for them as you do the rest of your mouth. Contact your Maldon dentist today and find out about a solution to tooth loss that is more practical than dentures and will allow you to smile, eat and drink with confidence and ease. Call 01245 268 494 for a free consultation at Advance Dental Clinic in Chelmsford.