Is The Inman Aligner The Correct Choice For My Needs Near Maldon?

The Inman Aligner has become a firm favourite in the orthodontic world, known for its effective tooth movement and speed of treatment. However, whenever you consider any brace treatment your current dental situation will have to be assessed to decide with is the best brace for you. In the case of the Inman Aligner those best suited for treatment are those with moderate to mild orthodontic problems, affecting the front of the mouth. This could include gaps between the teeth, an overbite and mildly twisted or crooked teeth. The Inman Aligner is best suited to these cases as the main focus of its effective yet gentle force is at the front of the mouth. The Aligner generates these forces with a cushioned front bar, behind which a coiled bar is situated. Your teeth sit between these two fixtures and are essentially gently eased into place. The use of two forces rather than just one enable the Inman Aligner to correct orthodontic problems a great deal faster than other brace treatments. Other positives of the Aligner is the ability to remove the fixtures, allowing for more freedom to eat and drink. This removability also allows for enhanced cleanliness, as other fixed braces are apt to attract dental bacteria and problems. With the Inman Aligner you can simply drop the aligner into a cleaning solution to remove all traces of dental build up and bacteria. The Aligner bar and cushion are also composed of clear material, meaning it is a great deal more discreet than other braces.  However, if the Inman Aligner is not for you we have a great range of other advanced orthodontic treatments, to suit any situations or needs. Call the practice today if you have any questions about the orthodontic treatments we offer, or to enquire about a consultation.