Introducing 6 Month Smiles Modern Braces

Time flies by and with 6 Month Smiles, you’ll be getting your braces off and preparing to show the world your new smile before you know it. This fast, effective and discreet fixed brace treatment is an incredible option for those looking for great results in record time. In many cases, orthodontic treatment takes at least 12 months, but with 6 Month Smiles, you can enjoy results much quicker. 6 Month Smile braces are specially formulated to move the teeth quickly and comfortably and they target issues that affect the front teeth, as these teeth are visible when you smile. Ideally, this treatment is suited to those who have minor or moderate issues that predominantly concern the front teeth; it is also a really good option for those who have a special date or an occasion in mind, such as a wedding or graduation ceremony, as it works so quickly. In addition to speed, 6 Month smile braces also offer discretion and comfort; the braces are made from clear brackets and tooth-coloured wires and they use self-ligating wires, which generate friction-free forces. The treatment process is also really simple and this system offers value for money, as fewer appointments are required thanks to the short treatment period. If you are interested in 6 Month Smiles, the best thing to do is to call and book a consultation. The consultation is an informal session, which allows your dentist to examine your teeth and take a look at your bite to see if this is a suitable option for you; they will also discuss the ins and outs of the system with you and you can ask any questions you may have about 6 Month Smiles or orthodontic treatment in general. It’s normal to have lots of questions when you’re thinking about having braces, so don’t be afraid to fire away! If you decide to go ahead with treatment, your dentist will draw up your personalised treatment plan, your braces will be made and you can then start treatment. Just 6 months later, you’ll be ready to wow your loved ones with an amazing new, straight smile!