Inman aligners from Chelmsford dentists: the discreet way to straighten out crooked teeth

Just a few short years ago, being able to straighten out a set of crooked teeth without having a mouth full of metal seemed like an unattainable the pipe dream, or the ramblings of a fantasist. But things have changed and now dentists in Chelmsford and the rest of the United Kingdom can offer patients an Inman aligner to cure minor alignment issues in their mouths.

Rather than using a whole set of metal brackets and metal wires, Inman aligners work using a concealed, coiled spring which, over time, pushes teeth against a straightening bar which runs across the front teeth. This bar is the only visible part of Inman aligners and, as such, it is far more discreet than the traditional brace. It is one of the terrible ironies of metal braces that, in order for patients to have a better looking smile, they must have a mouth full of metal for several years in the process.

Inman aligners work far quicker than metal braces as well. The average time that a patient will need to wear an Inman aligner is about six months. This is about a quarter of the two years that many people need to wear a traditional, metal brace for. It is suitable for patients of any age and can correct most problems with alignment except for actually rotating teeth.

The results will be stunning. If you have grown used to having crooked teeth, you might not be aware of what a huge difference it will make to your outlook on life by having a set of straight teeth. For one thing you’ll find that you are smiling an awful lot more because you want to show off your lovely set of teeth! Call 01245 268 494 for a free consultation at Advance Dental Clinic in Chelmsford.