How to Look Younger without a Facelift

You’ve probably heard about Botox and if you’ve looked into it further, you might have heard lots of opinions. But what should you believe? We’re here to help you understand the facts about Botox and help you decide whether or not it’s for you.

Define botox

The fancy clinical name for Botox is ’botulinum toxin A’. Now, don’t panic! Toxin is a scary word and yes, technically that is what Botox is. But when administered in small portions, it is perfectly safe. Its job is to relax your facial muscles and smooth out wrinkles. There are other uses for Botox too, for example, if you suffer from hyperhidrosis (this is a posh word for excessive sweating!) it can be injected in the underarms to calm the sweat glands down. It can also help with the symptoms of motor neuron disease and teeth grinding problems. But we use it to help you experience all the benefits of a facelift without having invasive surgery.

So it isn’t dangerous then?

No! Botox has been used for decades without major problems and is perfectly safe.

How does it work?

It’s easy! Most facial lines are caused by muscle activity, but Botox reduces this. So bye bye unwanted lines and wrinkles!

A typical Botox procedure

Hate waiting? Good news – Botox is quick! Most of the time it only takes about 10 minutes. The practitioner will gently inject Botox into the targeted area and the effects should become noticeable in around two to three days. Within the first month after treatment, the results should really begin to show. They’ll stick around for about four months and then you’ll be welcomed back for top-up treatment.

Will it hurt?

The needle used in Botox is very fine, so you should hardly feel a thing. That said, you might experience some swelling and itching around the injection site immediately afterwards, but this should go down shortly.

Talk to us

Because dental practices have such strict hygiene requirements, they are the perfect place to have Botox. Now you know more about it, if it sounds like your thing why not give us a call today and book a consultation?