How Mini Implants can help patients from Maldon who are looking to stabilise their dentures

Many people from Maldon may have found they are unsuitable for traditional dental implants due to low bone density. One option is to undergo bone graft treatment, but another choice to consider is mini dental implant treatment.

What are mini dental implants and how do they work?

Mini dental implants are a smaller version of the traditional implant and are able to provide support and stabilisation for dentures, bridges and crowns without the need for bone grafts.

Mini implants are successful at replacing mini teeth as they not only restore the missing tooth they also restore the missing root. This provides a great level of stability and a better foundation for a prosthetic and is a more secure option for the fixture of dentures and bridges, which rely on the natural suction of the mouth and crowns to provide support.

Mini implants and Same Day Smiles

Mini implants also differ from traditional implants in that many can provide support for a prosthetic immediately, without the need to wait for months of fusion. Patients can come to the practice in the morning and leave in the evening with a brand new smile, thanks to mini implants.

Am I suitable for mini implants?

Before you can be fitted with mini implants the health of your teeth and gums must be accessed. If you are found to have gingivitis or gum disease you will first need to receive treatment for your problem before you can have mini implants. Bone density is often a setback with traditional implants, but with mini implants this isn’t usually an issue. However, it is suggested that anyone who smokes should try to stop after having any type of implant fitted, as it can prevent the proper healing of the gums and cause implant failure. Call 01245 268 494 for a free consultation at Advance Dental Clinic in Chelmsford.