How Could Cerec Technology Benefit Me Near Braintree?

Cerec technology is a fine example of the innovation of modern dentistry and we are delighted to offer our patients Cerec treatment. With so much to offer patients and dentists, Cerec is a really important and impressive addition to our treatment list and we look forward to sharing its many benefits with you. With this technology, we are now able to offer same-day restorative treatment. Gone are the days of waiting around for 2 weeks to get your new crown, taking two days off work to arrange separate appointments and temporary restorations; now, we are able t complete the entire treatment process in a single visit. Cerec allows our dentists to design, create and fit your new crown, inlay, onlay or veneers, in the same day, so you can enjoy the benefits of treatment straight away. Usually, when you have a new crown or an inlay, your dentist uses dental putty to make an impression of your tooth and this is sent away to a dental laboratory; once a dental technician has crafted the restoration, it is then sent back to the clinic and you can have your new restoration fitted. The process takes around 2 weeks. With Cerec, your dentist simply takes a photograph of your tooth and this is converted into a very detailed and accurate 3D model; this is then sent to the milling machine and the new restoration is manufactured in a matter of seconds. Aside from the obvious benefit of reduced treatment time, Cerec is also a cleaner, more accurate means of creating new restorations and dentists are able to enjoy greater control during the design process. Patients don’t need to worry about putty impressions or temporary restorations and with only one session needed, this means that there is only need for a single injection.