How Advance Dental Clinic Can Refresh Your Skin With Chemical Peels

At Advance Dental, we don’t just specialise in beautiful smiles. We also offer a range of rejuvenating skin treatments, including chemical peels. If your skin is in need of some TLC or you dream of a smoother, younger-looking, brighter complexion, why not treat yourself to a facial treatment?

About chemical peels

Chemical peels are an intensive exfoliating treatment, which removes dead skin cells and evens out the skin surface to give you gorgeous, glowing skin. Your skin, as the body’s protective barrier, goes through a lot, and it’s common to notice signs of wear and tear and damage as you get older. Exposure to the elements, sun damage and lifestyle factors can affect the look and feel of your skin. Chemical peels are designed to treat problems and flaws that affect the surface levels of the skin, the dermis and the epidermis.

A chemical peel treatment involves applying an exfoliant mask to the skin. Our peels are suitable for all skin types, and we can address a range of issues, from superficial lesions and wrinkles to pigmentation and large, open pores. The chemicals used in the peel also help to reverse the effects of skin ageing, which occur as a result of depleted collagen stores within the body.

What does treatment entail?

When you have a chemical peel, treatment will take place over the course of a number of weeks. Before we begin, we invite you to attend a consultation, which enables us to have a good look at your skin, and make sure that this treatment is suitable for you. We then apply a mask to the skin during a single session every week for 4 weeks. Before treatment, you will be asked to use products to prepare your skin for 2 weeks, and we strongly recommend protecting your skin from the sun during the treatment period. After treatment, we may recommend using specially designed skincare products to ensure the best possible results.

If you’re keen to look and feel younger this summer, why not call us and book a consultation to find out more about our amazing skin peels?