Here’s Why You Should be Cleaning Your Tongue

We all know the key to keeping plaque at by is by brushing twice a day, but did you know it’s also important to brush your tongue?

Giving your tongue a scrub gets rid of bacteria and helps to keep your breath fresh.

How do you clean your tongue?

It doesn’t sound like the easiest task, but there are quite a few ways to clean your tongue. These include using a tongue scraper, a cleaning solution or even just your regular toothbrush. Brushing your tongue can be a bit icky because reaching towards the back can trigger your gag reflex, but you’ll be spared this unpleasantness by using a tongue scraper.

If you have any questions about tongue cleaning, our friendly dentists and hygienists are happy to advise you.

Why is tongue cleaning important?

Our tongues attract bacteria and because it’s easy to miss out when we brush our teeth, they can become a breeding ground. Bacteria on the tongue are what cause most cases of bad breath, because they give off nasty smelling gases when they feed.

Cleaning your tongue will also reduce your risk of plaque formation. Plaque forms when bacteria combine with food debris and saliva and is the biggest cause of gum irritation and cavities.

Oral hygiene tips

If you want to fight off potential oral health problems, oral hygiene is your magic key. Brushing and flossing can make the difference between a sparkling set of pearly whites and stained, chipped and decayed teeth. We recommend brushing twice a day for at least two minutes each time. Flossing once a day will also keep your mouth clean and healthy.