Healthy Teeth Means A Healthy Smile

At Advance Dental Clinic we help our patients to have the best oral hygiene routine using the right products for you. If you have any kind of gum disease or tooth decay we need to correct this in order to have any kind of braces or cosmetic dentistry treatment. It is essential to remember that there are many food items and drinks that can harm your teeth and make cleaning and flossing even more important. Sweets and sugary treats can cling to any plaque in the mouth and create a kind of glue like substance that makes the plaque cling onto the teeth making cleaning them a little harder. If you have sweets throughout the day this can make the situation worse rather than just having some sweets once in the day. There are many drinks that contain shocking levels of sugar including some fruit drinks, fizzy drinks, some smoothies and milkshake type beverages.Some drinks can stain the teeth over time, but if you do not want to give these up, using a straw can help. Hot drinks such as coffee and tea can stain teeth, especially if you drink them every day. Red wine can also stain the teeth if you drink this regularly. If you have your teeth whitened stains can still occur after treatment so it is vital that you think of this when choosing the best beverages for you. Fizzy drinks which are sugar free can be extremely harmful to your teeth because of the acidity in them. This can attack the enamel of your teeth and cause them to become weakened and vulnerable to breakage. Really hard foods can be damaging to the teeth and cause fillings to come out or chips to the teeth. Foods such as certain hard nuts, hard caramels and toffees, even some bread and crisps can cause damage to the teeth. If you would like more help and information about looking after your oral health and making the right food choices then contact the team today to arrange an appointment with one of our dental hygienists.