Having Dentures fitted in Basildon

It’s a big crossroads in your life when you have the bombshell dropped, that you have to lose some, or perish the thought, all of your teeth in Basildon. But other than having dentures fitted to maintain the regular health of your mouth, they can help you retain a certain level of shape to your face, whilst giving you back some of your self confidence you may have lost when you first heard the shocking news. A bad bite or occlusion in the mouth can cause problems to the jaw, sinuses and ears, promote headaches and place unnecessary stresses on the neck and upper back. With the teeth gone, these dangers become more prevalent, so having dentures not only prevents these problems, they also spread the chewing forces on the gums- keeping them healthy. Visually, losing teeth can affect the shape of the face and age you overnight; dentures will prevent premature sagging and ageing, that would otherwise happen overnight. Dentures have a poor track record historically. Often poorly fitting and difficult to prevent from falling out, they can have a pretty damaging affect on the psyche, socially and personally. However, dentures have moved on from these horror days. The materials have become softer, look more natural and bond to the mouth far better than they ever did. Advanced adhesives and the introduction of mini implants to lock the dentures in place, have virtually eliminated the chances of them moving around or falling out. Good dentures are worth investing in, not only for all the above reasons, but also for you’re your self esteem and the quality of life that they allow you maintain. Call 01245 268 494 for a free consultation at Advance Dental Clinic in Chelmsford.